Residential Load Shedding Solutions

Keep the lights on when Eskom cuts the power

Battery & Inverter

Run your household with safe & efficient Lithium-ion batteries.

To run your lights, routers, fridges while watching TV when Eskom cuts the power we have the right solutions for you. Want to upgrade to solar later, then look at our Hybrid kits.

  • Powered by Lithium-ion
  • Scalable Options
  • Automatic Switchover
  • Add Solar Later
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Residential Solar Power Solutions

Are you looking to power your house with solar, then we have the perfect solution for you

Solar, Battery & Grid

Nothing is better for a solar application than a Hybrid Solar Power kit.

If you are looking for Solar for your house whilst having battery back up and use the grid as a fall back then we have the only option for you.

  • Powered by Solar
  • Battery Backup
  • Grid Fall back
  • Blends Energy Sources
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Shop Hybrid Inverters

The best for solar power, true Hybrid inverters blend energy sources (solar, battery and grid) together to ensure you always get the most of your solar array.

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Shop Off-Grid Inverters

Ideal for those who are not connected to the grid and use a generator for the AC backup, great for load shedding solutions. Low-voltage and high-voltage options.

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Shop Solar Panels

The cornerstone of every solar powered system the solar panel is fundemental. Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline variants in various sizes.

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Shop Lithium-ion Batteries

The real heart of the system our Lithium-ion batteries are performant, long-lasting, robust and very efficient. From wall-mounted to rack-mounted we have what you need.

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Solar Powered Hot Water

A great first step to saving money is to fit a Solar Powered Geyser kit.

Solar Powered Hot Water

Heat your water without changing your plumbing.

No plumbing, no fuss, this solution can be fitted by an electrician. Add Solar Panels, connect them to the MPPT and then connect this to the PTC Element.

  • No New Pipe Plumbing
  • Convert your Existing Geyser
  • Easy Installation
  • Great First Step to Saving Money
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Solar Geyser Solutions

Save huge amounts off your electricity bill with a Solar Geyser

Sun Powered Hot Water

Power your most expensive appliance by the sun.

Convert your existing geyser or get a complete system, our solar geyser kits have the main components you need to decrease your bill by half.

  • Sun Powered
  • Convert your Existing Geyser
  • Evacuated Tube or Flate-plate
  • Save Money
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Solar Energy Solutions

The era of renewable Solar Energy has begun, powering our homes, businesses and even our cars using the suns rays is no longer a science experiment it is now the next evolution in electricity. SolarAdvice invites you to embrace the smart way of powering your home and business.

From the present moment and straight into a sustainable future, you can make a difference through solar energy.

Just contact our friendly consultants to discuss your energy needs, and they will quickly put together an affordable quote you can appreciate.
Browse the storefront for amazing specials by the best solar equipment brands.

Solar Guides

If you are just starting out with Solar Power take a look at our guides, we cover all solar energy topics that are easy to follow.

Everything from Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Inverters and how to get started with your
own Solar Power setup.

Solar Power Solutions For Home & Business

Turning the suns rays into electricity using photovoltaic panels is now more cost-effective than ever before, complete installations can be paid off in just 3 years making it one of the best investments you can make.

With Load Shedding becoming a regular disruption in South Africa we are forced to source alternative means of power. If you want to keep the lights and your appliances running it can be the difference between your business declining or even failing.

With South Africa getting around 2500 hours of sunshine a year it’s more than a perfect environment to harness all of that Solar Energy.

There are various systems available and it might feel like a huge undertaking but it really isn’t complicated to install a Solar Power System.

Let us assist you with your personalised solution, we aim to give the best advice and service so that you feel confident about entering the new world of Solar Energy.

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