Solar Power

100% clean renewable energy. Perfect for both residential and commercial Solar Power is one of the best investments you can make.

Solar Energy Solutions

The era of renewable Solar Energy has begun, powering our homes, businesses and even our cars
using the suns rays is no longer a science experiment it is now the next evolution in electricity.


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We’ve put together carefully selected parts to make the most optimal complete solar energy solutions.
Each kit comes with components that compliment each other and are all configurable if you require additions.

Solar Guides

If you are just starting out with Solar Power take a look at our guides, we cover all solar energy topics that are easy to follow.

Everything from Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Inverters and how to get started with your
own Solar Power setup.

Solar Energy For Home & Business

Turning the suns rays into electricity using photovoltaic panels is now more cost effective than ever before, complete installations can be paid off in just 3 years making it one of the best investments you can make.

With Load Shedding becoming a regular disruption in South Africa we almost forced to source alternative means of power. If you want to keep the lights and your appliances running it can be the difference between your business declining or even failing.

With South Africa getting around 2500 hours of sunshine a year it’s more than a perfect environment to harness all of that Solar Energy.

There are various systems available and it might feel like a huge undertaking but it really isn’t as complicated to install a Solar Power System, we have created various articles around the important components such as the Solar Panel, Inverter and Solar Batteries.

Let us assist you with your personalised solution, we aim to give the best advice and service so that you feel confident about entering the new world of Solar Energy.