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The era of renewable Solar Energy has begun, powering our homes, businesses and even our cars using the suns rays is no longer a science experiment it is now the next evolution in electricity. SolarAdvice invites you to embrace the smart way of powering your home and business.

From the present moment and straight into a sustainable future, you can make a difference through solar energy.

Just contact our friendly consultants to discuss your energy needs, and they will quickly put together an affordable quote you can appreciate.
Browse the storefront for amazing specials by the best solar equipment brands.

Best Hybrid Solar Power Kits

We’ve carefully selected compatible parts to make complete solar energy solutions for all types of applications.
Each kit comes with components that complement each other and are all configurable if you require additions.

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Best Off-Grid Solar Power Kits

If you are looking to completely disconnect from Eskom or need a solution if you don't have a grid connection an Off-Grid Solar Power kit is best suited for you.

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Solar Inverters

A solar array can only be as efficient as the inverter allows. Hence the reason for our hand-picked range of solar inverters from the leading brands on the market.
Whether you need to combine affordability with quality, or you want top-quality combined with an impressive output to go off-the-grid, SolarAdvice has the models you require.
If you are not sure about what inverter is best suited for your situation, chat with our consultants for some independent advice. We are more than happy to provide insight into the future of energy consumption as we know it.

Hybrid Inverters

The best of all worlds the Hybrid inverter is undoubtably the best for solar power, true Hybrid inverters blend energy source (solar, battery and grid) together to ensure you always get the most of your solar array.

As the power of the sun reduces the Hybrid inverter will take as much as it can while making up for the demand by using your battery and then the remainder from the grid, saving you more money.

Off-Grid Inverters

Off-Grid inverters are ideal for those who are not connected to the grid and use a generator for the AC backup, great for load shedding solutions. With low-voltage and high-voltage these inverters are a great budget option.

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Load Shedding Kits

It is not easy to face some harsh realities in such a beautiful country. But load-shedding, sadly, has become an issue all South Africans have to prepare for.
The looming threat that the grid can fail at any moment due to heavy debt and serious mismanagement cannot be ignored. The good news is that South Africans can take control of their situation with small changes.

Our load shedding kits are put together and made available to help bridge the energy problems associated with blackouts. Thanks to stored energy that is ready for use, you can keep the lights on when the grid is failing.

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Solar Batteries

With the right storage capacity in place, you can enjoy free energy throughout the night as well.
While on-demand solar energy comes with so many benefits, you really begin to appreciate it when you are able to make use of solar energy throughout a 24-hour cycle.
We can help you make the best decision for your exact needs and budget.

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Solar Guides

If you are just starting out with Solar Power take a look at our guides, we cover all solar energy topics that are easy to follow.

Everything from Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Inverters and how to get started with your
own Solar Power setup.

Solar Energy For Home & Business

Turning the suns rays into electricity using photovoltaic panels is now more cost-effective than ever before, complete installations can be paid off in just 3 years making it one of the best investments you can make.

With Load Shedding becoming a regular disruption in South Africa we are forced to source alternative means of power. If you want to keep the lights and your appliances running it can be the difference between your business declining or even failing.

With South Africa getting around 2500 hours of sunshine a year it’s more than a perfect environment to harness all of that Solar Energy.

There are various systems available and it might feel like a huge undertaking but it really isn’t complicated to install a Solar Power System.

Let us assist you with your personalised solution, we aim to give the best advice and service so that you feel confident about entering the new world of Solar Energy.

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