Monthly Archive: November 2016

Camping with the Ecoboxx – The Solar Generator

There’s a good reason why people don’t typically take their generators along on a camping trip. Firstly, it’s not something that was designed for portability. The bigger the generator, the bigger the AC output, the bigger the moving problem. Then of course there’s the noise. As great as generators might be, they do get irritating …

Thermal Controllers – Solar Geyser Installation Tips

A basic solar geyser installation doesn’t have many components. You’ve got the collectors that capture the radiation from the sun, the pipes through which the heat is distributed (either glycol or water), the pump that helps to circulate the heat, and of course the tank where the water is stored. The last component to complete …

Eskom: The New Term for Corruption

Just when you think Eskom can’t dig a deeper hole for itself, something like the State Capture Report gets released. Within this report Brian Molefe (Eskom CEO) is mentioned about 70 times, and it’s not because he’s got a sparkling personality. Nope, the man behind the R800 000 salary is being implicated in corruption charges …
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