Monthly Archive: January 2018

Solar Panel Brands in South Africa

One of the best things about living in the modern world is the range of options that come with everything. In this case, you are looking at your options between solar panel brands that are available in South Africa. And just like you get a diverse choice regarding the brand of solar panels you use, …

Solar panels

What is a Solar Panel? When you strip it down to the basics, a solar panel is an aluminum or stainless steel frame. And inside this frame is a silicone cell. The cell is protected by a thick and clear sheet of protective glass, usually measuring 2mm in thickness but this is just a generalization. …

Solar Charge Controller

A solar charge controller is made specifically to regulate the voltage/current that is used to charge the battery, which is part of a solar array. However, they are not always necessary if you are using minimum output panels. For example, panels varying between 1 and 5-watt are considered minimal and won’t require a controller. But …

Lithium Ion Batteries Page

When you look at lithium ion batteries, you are looking at the latest development for storing solar power. Of course, lead acid batteries are still very common and still serve a purpose, but there is no denying that lithium ion is the future. They are currently the best solution for battery storage, and you are …
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