5 Entertaining and Amusing Solar Power Creations

Solar power is typically associated with concepts that focus on making the world a better place. We automatically think about things like green energy and climate change where solar power is involved, which is what makes the following list so special. Not all of the gadgets were made with the intention to be practical, or even useful for that matter. But even in their lack of practicality, they show the world that solar energy is incredibly versatile. Renewable energy doesn’t have to be restricted to logic when there is so much entertainment that can come from it. In fact, solar energy is only limited by our imagination, and we can see it in these entertaining and amusing gadgets.

The Solar Powered Bikini

Solar Bikini

It’s not the first piece of clothing to make use of photovoltaic film panels, but it’s definitely one that can take the world by storm at some point. Whether it’s something you’d consider as stylish remains your personal opinion, but this particular design was created by Andrew Schneider and it’s part of his iDrink line. The purpose of the bikini is to keep your iPhone charged, or even your drinks at a cool temperature, while spending the day at the beach. Even though the film panels are waterproof, it might not be the best choice for a swim in the ocean. If you were thinking that these babies were part of modern solar inventions then think again, because they’ve been around for more than 5 years now.

Solar Powered Curtains

solar curtains

As the popularity of solar textiles keeps growing and more designers make it part of their creations, you can expect to see many more options in the solar curtain market. There are so many different designs out there already it would be difficult to cram them into a single article, but it’s safe to say most of them serve a dual purpose. While blocking out sunlight it will also capture the energy and send it to appliances in your home, such as lights. Now it does seem a little contradictory, because the curtains are typically closed at night. But if you really want to make them work you should find a way around this problem. Just think about the electricity you’ll save perhaps.

Solar Powered e-Tomb


Okay, so it’s not the most optimistic solar gadget on the market, but it does bring another dimension to remembering the dead. Instead of giving loved ones who passed on a typical tombstone, how about keeping some interaction? The whole idea is for friends and family to connect to the deceased’s social media pages, where they can add more pictures or see what other loved ones added. The profile can only be activated with a bluetooth key, which is usually provided to family members. The tombstone is solar powered and given that people don’t visit graveyards at night, it also makes a lot of sense.

Solar Powered Movie Theater

solar powered movie theater

The cinema world is notorious for avoiding alternative energy, mainly because they use heavy loads and it’s their trademark for gaining clients. Without all the air-cons, big screens, lights and sound, they wouldn’t really be a profitable enterprise. But a UK couple has gone the exact opposite route and created the world’s smallest solar powered movie theater. Everything from the projector to the sound system is powered with solar panels that charge during the day. Despite the little sunlight UK actually gets, this movie theater has never produced one utility bill and it can work just about anywhere.

Solar Powered Bonsai Tree


Have you ever wanted a bonsai tree that didn’t require any maintenance, that never dies and it can charge your phone? I know what you’re thinking, bonsai trees are supposed to be therapeutic because you trim and shape them. Well, you can shape and arrange this bonsai tree as well, and although it might not be as therapeutic as an original one, it provides electricity instead. They look very stylish and modern, and they are becoming more readily available as you read this article.

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