solar and fossil fuel

A Breakthrough in Solar Energy that can Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels

In a previous article we touched on the subject of solar panels looking to mimic the art of photosynthesis. We also mentioned the challenges involved with re-creating a wonderful part of nature. But it seems technology might be catching up quicker than we think, because a new solar cell design can possibly be the answer. […]

solar advice

Getting off the grid – Choosing a Solar PV System

Switching to a Solar PV system lifestyle can vary between minor and major changes. You can even can go big and disappear from the grid if you want to. But going big isn’t exactly something you take on overnight. Despite the price decrease on Solar PV panels, and the equipment that comes with it, it’s still […]


Solar Panels are Starting to Follow the Smartphone Trend

Elon Musk recently published an article on the Tesla Motors blog about his new Master Plan for solar panels. For those who don’t know, Musk is an entrepreneur, engineer and inventor who was born in Pretoria. He currently has a net worth of about R12 billion and his aim is to make solar panels more […]

water heater geyser price

Geyser Calculations: Get Your Water Heater Geyser Price

If there is one thing everyone would like to do, it’s getting the electricity bill down. We substitute things like the electric kettle for the gas option, only to find it’s hardly made a dent. That’s because the biggest waste of energy can be found in the geyser. Out of all the appliances that run […]

solar battery

Solar Battery – Introduction to Lead-Acid Models

When it comes to solar panel systems, the batteries have to be heavy duty in nature. A typical car battery isn’t going to do the trick, because it won’t be able to handle the regular discharging. For a solar setup you are going to need deep-cycle battery and they come in many forms, such as […]

Geyser Elements

Geyser Elements – What are Your Options

It’s unfortunate that South Africans don’t really get a choice when it comes to geyser elements. When you get a geyser installed you can expect the typical resistance wire element inside. Of course it’s not just the element that speaks to the efficiency of the geyser, but it does play the biggest part. Depending on […]

solar battery

AGM Solar batteries

When you look at an AGM solar batteries, then you’re in search of a battery that doesn’t require any maintenance. It’s a self-serving storage unit for the solar power collected through panels and it’s undoubtedly one of the stronger classes among lead acid deep cycle batteries. In this article, we’ll look at why this battery […]

Green Leaves

How Plants Inspire Solar Technology

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a plant can undergo incredibly complex phases. At school we learned about these processes, but we never really took the time to think how incredible they are. In this case, the complex process is photosynthesis, and till today people cannot mimic it. Of course there are […]

Solar Powered House

Solar Power is Sexy

When the concept of fixating solar panels to the roof of a house first surfaced, it wasn’t exactly embraced with open arms. Even though home owners would feel better because they are making the necessary change towards a greener energy, the panels didn’t really complement the appearance of the home. For the greater good it’s […]


Can I Sell Electricity in South Africa?

The surge to go green in several European countries and America came about in 2010, when a Feed-In Tariff was introduced. This meant that people who generated excess electricity through renewable sources, such as solar power, could actually make money. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for South Africa. At the moment the only place […]

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