How to Size a PV Array

First, we will look at the . This value will differ from inverter to inverter. In this instance, we’ll use 4500w. Second,  we’ll look at the ; in this example, we are using 400W panels. Third, we divide the by the : We will round it down to 10 panels. Lastly, we need to figure […]

Lithium-ion Guide

Lithium Ion Batteries

This is post 5 of 5 in the series “Solar Power Starter Guide” Contents Lithium Iron Phosphate Or LiFePO4 for short. These batteries form part of the newest in Solar Battery technology. They have . These are a few features that make LiFePO4 batteries the favourite in the solar industry. From Solar Storage to motor […]

Complete Solar Power Kits

Complete Solar Power kits

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “Solar Power Starter Guide” Solar Power Kits are fast becoming the best way to choose the right Solar Power System without having to source and research all the parts yourself. Not only are they easy to set up they are also easier to install for installers, […]

Solar Charge Controller diagram

Solar Charge Controller

An essential part of every Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Power System is the Solar Charge Controller. In this starter guide we’re going to cover: What Is A Solar Charge Controller How Do Charge Controllers Work The Different Types Of Charge Controllers Let’s get started. How Do Charge Controllers Work Sometimes referred to as a Solar […]

Solar Inverter Guide

Solar Inverter

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “Solar Power Starter Guide” A fundamental part of every Solar Power set up is the Inverter, it is a piece of equipment that is very important to understand. After you read this definitive guide you will understand: What is an Inverter How do they work? Types […]

Solar Batteries Guide

Solar Batteries

This is post 2 of 5 in the series “Solar Power Starter Guide” In this article, you are going to learn all about Solar Batteries. You will understand what the differences are between the types of solar batteries, how they fit into a Solar System, how many you’ll need and more. Here’s the breakdown: What […]


Update – 1 June 2020 As per Stage 3 of lockdown rules, deliveries are available to open areas but skeleton staff may cause delays in some areas. Update – 21 May 2020 No collections available during Stage 4 lockdown, deliveries only all areas are open. Update – 07 May 2020 Please note that due to […]

Solar Panels Guide

Solar Panels

This is post 1 of 5 in the series “Solar Power Starter Guide” Today you’re going to get a crash course on Solar Panel prices, how they work and what to look out for. After you’ve read this definitive guide you understand what they are, how they work, what you should be paying and the different […]

solar power tax break

Solar Energy Tax Break for Your Local Business

While Eskom remains a heavy burden on all South Africans, there is hope in the form of renewable energy. And it will only serve in the best interest of every local South African business owner to take this option more seriously. Given that you can qualify for a solar energy tax break, it might be […]

Eskom 2019 Timeline - A Downward Spiral

This is a detailed and in-depth Eskom 2019 timeline, starting from Jan. 9th August: The power utility starts distribution of 400MW power to Zimbabwe. 7th August: During a no-deal roadshow in London, the power utility tells investors it wants the government to absorb the majority of its R440bn debt. 6th August: Zimbabwe and Eskom reach […]

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