Spend Zero on Hot Water this Summer with Energy Efficient Geysers

Summer in South Africa is quite something. It brings with it the intense heat that can only be associated with the African sun. But there’s also a lot of excitement involved, because the swimming pool becomes a spot where friends and family gather. People come out of their homes and interact more, because it’s hot […]


South Africa’s Drought Problem – Basic Ways to Start Saving Water

According to Hollard (insurance company) experts, South Africa should be seeing a big change in the weather starting sometime December. This is when El Nina passes through our solar system, and as the name suggests, it has the opposite effect that El Nino had. With the latter we’ve seen a tremendous drought problem across the […]


This is Eskom’s Worst Nightmare

There is something to be said about having a singular power entity in South Africa. For starters, it doesn’t have to pay attention to the increasing rates, because it doesn’t have any competition. While countries like America, UK and Australia have several companies who compete with each other, Eskom only has to compete with itself. […]


Installing Indoor Solar Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

We’ve all seen the pretty solar lights that can be used outside. In fact, those lights can really make a garden look amazing. But what if you have more practical needs? What if you want to use the lights inside your home? In this article we’ll be looking at a very practical side of solar […]


Solar Geyser Conversion Guide: Start Saving Now

One of the culprits all South Africans is fighting, is the rise of electricity prices. And even though the people have made it clear they are unhappy about the price hikes, Eskom continues to empty our pockets. It seems like a never-ending cycle of forking out money we work hard to get in the first […]

hydro energy

Renewable Energy Sources that can take You Off the Grid

It’s good to know your options, especially when it comes to investing in your home. In this case the investment will be powering your home with renewable energy and getting off the grid. At the moment there are three standalone options you can look at, which is also what this article is all about. We’ll […]


Camping with Solar Power

Let’s face it, camping isn’t what it used to be. Where you’d typically take things that don’t require electricity, you can now make them part of the experience. Now, some people might argue that camping is the whole point of getting away from appliances that make life so much easier, but you can’t ignore the […]

solar advice

Getting off the grid – Choosing a Solar PV System

Switching to a Solar PV system lifestyle can vary between minor and major changes. You can even can go big and disappear from the grid if you want to. But going big isn’t exactly something you take on overnight. Despite the price decrease on Solar PV panels, and the equipment that comes with it, it’s still […]

water heater geyser price

Geyser Calculations: Get Your Water Heater Geyser Price

If there is one thing everyone would like to do, it’s getting the electricity bill down. We substitute things like the electric kettle for the gas option, only to find it’s hardly made a dent. That’s because the biggest waste of energy can be found in the geyser. Out of all the appliances that run […]

Geyser Elements

Geyser Elements – What are Your Options

It’s unfortunate that South Africans don’t really get a choice when it comes to geyser elements. When you get a geyser installed you can expect the typical resistance wire element inside. Of course it’s not just the element that speaks to the efficiency of the geyser, but it does play the biggest part. Depending on […]

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