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Energy Efficient Geysers are becoming more popular among South African home owners, because they fix the problem of high electricity bills. Interestingly enough, using the sun to heat water has been around for quite some time. In fact, it's a technology that can be traced back to before the 1900's. [...]

Every home needs solar lighting kits, because they take convenience to another level. As somebody who pays a monthly electric bill, you are always looking for ways to save. So why not invest in solar lights? They burn for most of the night and don't contribute to the bill. In this article we're [...]

It's not surprising that more South Africans are switching to solar geysers Cape Town style. Let's face it, it's a cool city. The people are nice, the sights are amazing, and it just captures the beauty of the country. Cape Town is also the city where you'll see a growing solar geyser trend, and [...]

Everyone can agree that it would be nice to have solar power in- and around the home. It's much cleaner than using a generator, it's not nearly as noisy and it's safer than gas. Solar power is environmentally friendly and free. But is it really necessary to go shopping for every single part? Do you [...]