Timers For Geysers: A Quick Guide To Saving Money

Among the cheap ways to bring down the high costs associated with a geyser, timers have to be among the most popular. In the following article you are going to learn some scary things about your geyser, especially how it’s increasing the electric bill month after month. But you’ll also learn a simple way to […]

solar geyser water heater

The Anatomy Of A Geyser and How It Works

The electric geyser is such a natural part of the home that South Africans rarely think about it. We only really notice it when there’s no hot water, and we unwillingly accept the fact that it pushes the electricity bill higher than we’d like. In fact, with the increasing cost of electricity, electric geysers are […]

Flat-Plate Solar Water Heating Collectors

Flat-Plate Solar Water Heating Collectors

Solar water heating isn’t something new in South Africa. In fact, it’s one of the first steps people take towards transforming their homes into a more energy efficient setting. As all South Africans know by now, the geyser takes an immense amount of energy and at the very least it’s responsible for 30 to 50 […]

grid-tied solar power cape town

Grid-Tied Solar Power

There are several reasons why people use Grid-Tied solar power, and you are about to learn all about it. From what a Grid-Tied solar power system is, and how it forms part of your practical life, all the way to the pros and cons. So, let’s start with what this system comprises of. What Is […]

off the grid solar system

Off the Grid Guide – A Total Off the Grid Solar System

A complete off the grid solar system is the center of so many South African visions, because it represents independence. Granted, it’s not a great dream to seek detachment from a country, especially if it’s a country you love. But in this case it’s a necessary dream. The government has proven it’s inability to really […]

Solar-Panel-On Roof

Off the Grid Guide – Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system is pretty much the same thing as getting off the grid, but it utilizes different types of power resources. Not all of these resources necessarily have to be renewable, as you’ll see in a moment, but the point is that you don’t have any dependency on the Eskom grid. So, the […]

Off grid solar system

How To Buy The Right Off Grid Solar System

Are you looking to become electricity independent and need help choosing the right Off Grid Solar System? What people have to realize is that getting off the grid with solar power doesn’t always happen overnight. For many, it’s a process that usually starts small. It could be a matter of affordability or simply a prerogative to […]


Off the Grid Guide: Grid Tied Solar Systems

Grid tied solar systems can be considered your first steps towards getting off the grid completely. As mentioned in the introduction of this guide, it doesn’t have to happen over night. The great thing about solar power is that you can always add more as your budget allows it. In fact, there are some benefits […]

off the grid solar systems

Off the Grid Guide – Collectors for Off the Grid Solar Systems

At SolarAdvice you’ll find several articles about solar collectors, ranging between the ever popular monocrystalline panels to the thin film designs that are typically worked into everyday life. We’ve even covered a few articles on upcoming technology. For example, panels that charge when it rains and the first solar plane to fly around the world. […]

Geyser Controller

Thermal Controllers – Solar Geyser Installation Tips

A basic solar geyser installation doesn’t have many components. You’ve got the collectors that capture the radiation from the sun, the pipes through which the heat is distributed (either glycol or water), the pump that helps to circulate the heat, and of course the tank where the water is stored. The last component to complete […]

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