heat pumps

Heat Pumps, What you need to know

In South Africa, there are two energy-saving alternatives for heating water. Right now, you are probably using a standard geyser, powered by a resistance-wire element, which is directly connected to your grid power source. And there is no doubt that this setup is providing you with enough warm water. But what does it take to […]

Low Pressure Solar Geysers Vs Heat Pump Water Heaters

Making your home more energy efficient can be done in many ways. In this case, the focus is will be low pressure solar geysers vs heat pump water heaters. Which one of the two will serve you best and save you the most money? Unfortunately there is no straight answer. Instead, your needs and demands […]

heat pump

Heat pump water heater - The Alternative to Solar Panels

It’s great to live in a world where you never seem to run out of options, especially when it comes to saving money. South African homeowners can all agree that alternative options to keep the electricity bill at a minimum are becoming more lucrative, which brings us to heat pump water heater for geysers. Even […]

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