Eskom 2019 Timeline – A Downward Spiral

This is a detailed and in-depth Eskom 2019 timeline, starting from Jan. 9th August: The power utility starts distribution of 400MW power to Zimbabwe. 7th August: During a no-deal roadshow in London, the power utility tells investors it wants the government to absorb the majority of its R440bn debt. 6th August: Zimbabwe and Eskom reach […]

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof – Changing the Face of Solar

There can be no doubt that Tesla has greatly influenced the way people use solar power today. Their innovations in terms of energy storage via their lithium battery designs alone have done wonders for the solar power community. But evolution is part of human nature, meaning they’ve taken things a step further. What you think […]

Hanalei Bay

Solar Powered Island – The Elon Musk Revolution

Thanks to people like Elon Musk it’s not really possible to forget about solar power. Because every now and then, his name comes up. Whether it’s tied to his position as CEO of Tesla, or one of his revolutionary ideas, Elon Musk seems to be everywhere. What’s Elon Musk up to now? The highly successful […]

Brian Molefe

Eskom: The New Term for Corruption

Just when you think Eskom can’t dig a deeper hole for itself, something like the State Capture Report gets released. Within this report Brian Molefe (Eskom CEO) is mentioned about 70 times, and it’s not because he’s got a sparkling personality. Nope, the man behind the R800 000 salary is being implicated in corruption charges […]

solar power roof tesla solarcity

The Future of Solar Powered Homes?

Elon Musk has finally revealed the big project he’s been working on, and the retailer (SolarCity) is marketing it as the “Roof with Invisible Power”. We knew the reveal would contain a solar roof design and a new battery system. What we didn’t know was how the whole setup would function, given the challenges of […]


Is South Africa in Survival Mode?

The American Disaster Preparedness center came up with one of the most interesting campaigns for motivating people to stay prepared. Instead of telling everyone to be scared of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, they focused on zombies. That’s right, zombies. Thanks to popular television shows like The Walking Dead, Americans are warming up to the idea […]


Is Load Shedding really a thing of the Past?

For the last year the face of Eskom has been Brian Molefe. As the latest CEO to take the position at the head of a fairly unstable board, he has “saved” South Africans from load shedding – temporarily. He has also been generously awarded for his efforts with an almost R800 000 a month salary […]


Nuclear Power – Eskom’s Dangerous Solution

How many people can come together in one room and agree that nuclear power is a good solution? Of course it’s presented as the cleaner alternative, but it’s not close to being a solution. You might even say it’s something that can prevent an inevitable crisis for a few years, but it’s definitely not a […]


The “Screw” Process – Let’s All Thank Eskom

At what point does a powerful entity, such as Eskom or the government, sit back and reminisce about the damage they cause? While the energy situation may have stabilized for now, it’s not stopping everything else from taking a big nose-dive. Load shedding is finally under control, yipee. Now it’s just a matter of making […]


Eskom Sabotaging Renewable Energy Projects?

As a tax-paying citizen you automatically feel as if you should be receiving the best from your government. This makes sense…does it not? But let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment – what government doesn’t hide some kind of corruption? In South Africa we have Eskom, the dictating factor of energy availability. To make […]

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