The First Zero-Emissions Passenger Train

By December 2017 the first zero-emissions passenger train will be put to work. The Coradia iLint train has been in development for the last two years and Germany is going to be the first country to use them for passenger transportation. This is yet another big step towards a world that functions with a renewable […]


Elon Musk to Reveal the Tesla Solar Power Roof in October

A while back we did an article about Elon Musk and his different approach to implementing solar power into the home. His vision involves building a roof that is pretty much made up of solar panels and integrated batteries. As part of the movement to change the way people perceive solar power, especially when it […]


The Road Ahead for Renewable Energy – What’s Next?

One of the biggest challenges facing the renewable energy movement comes in the form of storage. It seems like everyday scientists are developing more efficient ways of harnessing the power provided by natural elements, but there still remains one elusive problem. At the moment renewable energy can only be stored on a short-term basis, and […]

thin film solar cells

Solar Cells Thinner than a Human Hair

Just when you think scientists can’t make solar panels better, they come up with the next best thing. At this point in time there are so many different technologies involved with the evolution of solar power, you’ll have a very difficult time deciding which is best. While Elon Musk is moving forward with solar shingles […]


The 10 Most Beautifully Strange Energy Sources (Part 2)

We’re continuing that motivational list where we investigate the most beautifully strange energy sources, so if you missed the first part, just follow the link to catch up. So, without wasting your time any longer, here are 5 more reasons to think “Wow!” 6. Sugar in the Gas Tank If you “like” your neighbor, and […]


The 10 Most Beautifully Strange Energy Sources (Part 1)

If you are in need of some inspiration then you’ll want to keep reading, because you’re about to discover the incredible power of forward thinking. This list might not give you answers on how to fix your personal and financial problems, but it could motivate you to keep searching. You’ll notice two distinct elements while […]

Chirk Castle

Inspiring Solar Panel Landmarks

Even though the transition into a solar-powered world is very subtle, there are definite signs that we are moving in the right direction. On the site we’ve already covered several things that work with solar power, including airplanes, boats and cars, but this article will focus on something more fundamental so-to-speak. More specifically, how many […]


Tesla Motors Coming To South Africa

This topic might not be directly connected to solar power, but it’s worth mentioning anyway because it comes from the South African born Elon Musk. He’s an entrepreneur whose behind the Tesla company, which is responsible for cutting edge solar power products and electric cars. Up until now S.A hasn’t seen much in terms of […]


Crazy-Ass Solar Power

We don’t see the electricity that runs through the wires of our home. The lights are on, the stove is cooking away, the television is blaring in the background, but we don’t really think about all the power it takes to run everything. In other words, we lose perspective on how strong solar power can […]


5 Entertaining and Amusing Solar Power Creations

Solar power is typically associated with concepts that focus on making the world a better place. We automatically think about things like green energy and climate change where solar power is involved, which is what makes the following list so special. Not all of the gadgets were made with the intention to be practical, or […]

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