Solar Power Accessories

Given the investment you’re making with a solar array, it’s only natural that you want the system to function as long as possible at the highest level of efficiency. Or maybe you want a specific type of installation or setup? Which might require additional brackets, wiring, etc. And this is where solar power accessories come […]


Camping with the Ecoboxx - The Solar Generator

There’s a good reason why people don’t typically take their generators along on a camping trip. Firstly, it’s not something that was designed for portability. The bigger the generator, the bigger the AC output, the bigger the moving problem. Then of course there’s the noise. As great as generators might be, they do get irritating […]


Installing Indoor Solar Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

We’ve all seen the pretty solar lights that can be used outside. In fact, those lights can really make a garden look amazing. But what if you have more practical needs? What if you want to use the lights inside your home? In this article we’ll be looking at a very practical side of solar […]

solar lights

Light Up Your Home with Solar Lighting Kits

In light of keeping your electric bill with Solar Lighting Kits within a number you can actually afford, this article will be looking at something that slowly eats away at your electricity units. They provide a sense of safety, atmosphere and decoration, and yet we have to weigh these elements against an economical perspective. Is […]

Make Your Pool Sparkle with Solar Power

Summer is slowly getting closer and it’s time to get your pool back into tip-top shape. This means allowing that pool pump to work some overtime if necessary, because the South African sun isn’t something you want to endure without a pool. But while the rest of the family enjoys the clean and refreshing water, […]


Camping with Solar Power

Let’s face it, camping isn’t what it used to be. Where you’d typically take things that don’t require electricity, you can now make them part of the experience. Now, some people might argue that camping is the whole point of getting away from appliances that make life so much easier, but you can’t ignore the […]

Do LED Bulbs Really Help You Save?

In 2011 South Africa banned the import of incandescent lights, and the aim is to phase them out completely in 2016. Eventually South Africans are going to have to choose between CFLs (compact fluorescents), halogens and of course, LED. Unfortunately the switch towards a more efficient light bulb is harder than the government anticipated. This […]

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