off-grid solar power

Off-Grid Solar Power

For everyone who wants to know what real independence feels like, an off-grid solar power system just might be your ideal setup. Of course, it’s not something you decide overnight. But the idea of splitting ways with Eskom gets more appealing with every passing day. Even though this is the type of system people only […]

Solar Power Business

Solar Power for Business or Commercial

One of the fundamentals of running a successful business is keeping expenses at a minimum. In other words, the natural course of action for any business owner/manager is to assess every section of the business, and the expenses that go with them. Using Solar Power for business is one of the most effective ways you can […]

hybrid solar power

Hybrid Solar Power

A hybrid solar power system combines three different sources of energy, covering all the basics and putting you in complete control. But if you haven’t heard about a hybrid solar power system before, don’t stress about it. At SolarAdvice we love keeping clients informed and up to date, hence the reason for this article. By […]

grid-tied solar power cape town

Grid-Tied Solar Power

There are several reasons why people use Grid-Tied solar power, and you are about to learn all about it. From what a Grid-Tied solar power system is, and how it forms part of your practical life, all the way to the pros and cons. So, let’s start with what this system comprises of. What Is […]

Solar Power kits for homes

Complete Solar Power Kits for Homes – Take The Plunge

There is one thing most people in the world have in common, namely a budget. South Africa is no exception to the rule, especially at this point in time. Too much instability leads to increased expenses, and for some reason, things never seem to get cheaper, even when things are going well. But strangely enough, […]

Solar Panel Roof

Sizing Your Solar System

Finding the right solar power system for you. A few main things to determine the right solar power system: Determine is your Peak KW Power consumption at any given time Work out the Total KW/Hrs in a 24 Hr period? What type of system do you would prefer? Tell us in how many days you want to […]

Solar Powered Ice-Cream Truck

Solar Generator Kit – Free Power for Your Business

Business owners are well aware of how much electricity costs. In fact, they know it better than anyone, because their monthly expenses are incredibly high. Wouldn’t it be nice to get electricity from a source that doesn’t cost you any money? More specifically, wouldn’t it be nice to have a solar generator kit to keep […]

off the grid solar system

Off the Grid Guide – A Total Off the Grid Solar System

A complete off the grid solar system is the center of so many South African visions, because it represents independence. Granted, it’s not a great dream to seek detachment from a country, especially if it’s a country you love. But in this case it’s a necessary dream. The government has proven it’s inability to really […]

Solar-Panel-On Roof

Off the Grid Guide – Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system is pretty much the same thing as getting off the grid, but it utilizes different types of power resources. Not all of these resources necessarily have to be renewable, as you’ll see in a moment, but the point is that you don’t have any dependency on the Eskom grid. So, the […]

Off grid solar system

How To Buy The Right Off Grid Solar System

Are you looking to become electricity independent and need help choosing the right Off Grid Solar System? What people have to realize is that getting off the grid with solar power doesn’t always happen overnight. For many, it’s a process that usually starts small. It could be a matter of affordability or simply a prerogative to […]

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