Update - 1 June 2020

As per Stage 3 of lockdown rules, deliveries are available to open areas but skeleton staff may cause delays in some areas.

Update - 21 May 2020

No collections available during Stage 4 lockdown, deliveries only all areas are open.

Update - 07 May 2020

Please note that due to the COVID-19 Lockdown skeleton staffing restrictions, delivery time could be delayed for up to 14 days.

Update - 05 May 2020

Collections are not available while we are in Stage 4 of Lockdown, deliveries are available to most areas although some areas may not be available depending on the spread.

Due to the lockdown from the 27th March until the 16th April 2020 we are helping to support the government in their pursuit to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We remain positive and urge everyone to do what they can and keep operating as best you can whilst in isolation to help reduce job loses. The government will help businesses by handing out financial support so that the impact of this will be kept as low as possible.

Sales & Support

We will be operating remotely whilst in lockdown and we will ensure your queries and orders are dealt with as sufficiently as possible, you can still contact us by our usual channels.

Orders & Delivery

Orders can still be placed via our website, phone or email, these can only be dispatched after the lockdown has been lifted 16th April onwards.

Please stay safe.
The SolarAdvice Team


  1. Paul Vermeulen

    I would like to buy another 2 of the 3.5kW PylonTech Lithium Ion batteries, you say you have 3 in stock. If I order and pay for them now will you reserve them for me?

    1. Leon Robbertze

      Good morning Paul. We are currently out of stock but will be receiving on the 17th of April after Lock Down. You could make payment and reserve from the new stock coming in. Please email me you details at so i can send you a quotation.

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