Elon Musk to Reveal the Tesla Solar Power Roof in October

A while back we did an article about Elon Musk and his different approach to implementing solar power into the home. His vision involves building a roof that is pretty much made up of solar panels and integrated batteries. As part of the movement to change the way people perceive solar power, especially when it comes to the different designs and visual appeal, Musk has gone above and beyond.

When news broke about this "all-in-one" solution to replacing solar array installation as we know it, it also came with a lot of questions. For example, can it only be used for new homes, or can it be installed into an existing roof? And of course there's the question of replacing the roof after twenty years when the solar panels start losing efficiency. Well, it seems Elon has got the answers we are all waiting for, and he aims to reveal the new solar power roof somewhere during October.

As part of his master plan, Musk led the way for the merger between Tesla and SolarCity, a move that saw investors getting scared and shares dropping rapidly. According to Musk the merger was a necessity in order to bring the new roof design into the commercial market, and he is positive that investors will make their way back. Musk also added that the two companies should've started working together a long time ago.

Even though Musk is one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, only time can tell whether his master plan is going to become the next best thing. Along with the new solar roof design, Tesla will be rolling out a new battery and a Tesla Car charger. Specific dates for the new wave of Tesla products have yet to be set.

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