Installing Indoor Solar Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

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We’ve all seen the pretty solar lights that can be used outside. In fact, those lights can really make a garden look amazing. But what if you have more practical needs? What if you want to use the lights inside your home?

In this article we’ll be looking at a very practical side of solar lighting, in addition to the difference it can make. Your first thought is probably that you won’t be saving too much electricity thanks to energy savers, and you’d be correct in a way. No, you won’t see such a dramatic difference when you compare it to something like the geyser, but you’ll be saving nonetheless. And this isn’t the only reason why you’d want solar lights installed, because they’ll work when the power is out. The first thing you reach for when everything goes dark is a torch or a candle, but not if you have solar lights. Even though they might not be the biggest element in terms of saving money electricity wise, they do have other benefits.

The Equipment You’ll Need

For a basic setup you’ll need a small solar panel, a battery, a safety switch and fuse box for safety, a light and a switch. The size of the panel is going to depend on the amount of lights you want to run at the same time. If you’re doing this installation yourself, you want to pay attention to the output of the PV panels you buy. In case you get professionals to do the job, just give them the details and they’ll help you decide. Even though PV panels look the same, they don’t function the same. For more info check out our solar panel guide article.


The same can be said for the battery, because the different types can lead to different designs. For example, AGM batteries are maintenance free and they don’t have to be placed in a specific position. However, they are more expensive. If the thought of using a car battery jumps to mind, let the thought jump right out again. Car batteries are great for quick and big bursts, but they aren’t suited for deep discharge cycles, which is what you are looking for. You want a battery that is made for slow and deep discharge cycles. Check out our battery guide article for more info on battery choices.

In terms of lights, you’ll find an array of options. Unfortunately solar power lights don’t enjoy an atmospheric reputation. Many people don’t find their ambience as cozy as their incandescent counterparts, but if used correctly they can brighten up several dark spaces.

The Benefits of Installing Indoor Solar Lights

How beneficial it’s going to be to install indoor solar lights is up to the family or individual involved. But just to get a general idea, check out the reasons below.

  • They are great for remote locations, such as cabins or garden sheds
  • The panels are small and non-obtrusive
  • Installations are very affordable
  • Save on energy costs
  • Solar lights can stay on for several hours
  • Great stepping stone towards bigger solar projects
  • You’ll still have lights during a power-cut

You can do it Yourself

If you fancy yourself a handyman, then you shouldn’t have any problem installing indoor solar lights by yourself. In fact, at the bottom you’ll find two videos that show you how to install a basic solar light. It can be done within a few hours depending on your skill, and it’s an incredibly easy process overall.