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Light Up Your Home with Solar Lighting Kits

In light of keeping your electric bill with Solar Lighting Kits within a number you can actually afford, this article will be looking at something that slowly eats away at your electricity units. They provide a sense of safety, atmosphere and decoration, and yet we have to weigh these elements against an economical perspective. Is it really worth keeping the lights on when you're not around?

Even though you feel safer with a few lights burning while you sleep, especially in the garden, you are forced to switch them off due to rising energy prices. For some South Africans, lights are the essence of their garden at night. But is mere decoration enough to justify the surprise you get at the end of each month?

You can save a lot of money by switching to LED bulbs, but you can save even more by going one step further, namely Solar Lighting Kits. They've come a long way in terms of efficiency and providing sufficient brightness when you need it the most, so why not consider your options? Here are some examples and how much you can expect to pay.

Safety Lights

Solar Lighting Kits

These are the lights you want in the garden, because they provide a strong light in all those dark areas. Not only do they work when the power is off, but they come with a range of features, such as motion sensors and tamper proof designs. If bought from the right supplier you can be sure these lights pick up every movement and quickly sheds light on the problem. You can attach them to the fence, the gutter, the wall, and even in the ground if you feel like it.

Solar Lighting Kits

In terms of price you can expect to pay R270 for the smaller fence and gutter motion sensor lights, while the bigger and high quality kits range around R3 000.



When it comes to the decorative aspect of solar lights, you won't find any lack of creativity. At the moment the market is filled with the most beautiful designs in all shapes and colors, ready to illuminate your garden. They are deceptively affordable and they never cost you a cent in terms of maintenance. Whether you just want to light-up the walkway, showcase the pretty sections of your garden, or keep the Christmas lights on every single night from the start of December, you can do it.

The cheaper lights cost around R90, while the prettier ones range around R500.

Solar Lighting Kits



Indoors and Outdoors


Solar lamps and lanterns can be used inside and outside the home. They come in several different designs and are easy to carry around. If you want to use them inside your home, you can simply put them outside in the morning for a good charge, then bring them in at night.

Given that they are almost the same as the decorative lights, the price range is also pretty much the same. For the cheaper designs you're looking at R90, and top range lights cost about R400.


Solar Lighting Kits


Solar Lighting Kits

If you're looking for something more powerful and affordable then these suggestions will suit your need:
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