Living the Solar Power Lifestyle – Turning Your Home into a Solar Haven

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Do you really need to install solar panels in order to harness the power of solar? Is it the only way you can cut down on electricity costs by getting a full array? If you want to get off the grid, then yes, a complete solar panel array is necessary – whether it’s on your roof or by using a standalone structure. But in terms of saving money you have so many options available to you, it’s simply amazing. Here are some ideas you can use to start living the solar power lifestyle and turning your home into a solar haven.

Solar Geyser

We’re going to start off with the most obvious solar alternative, namely your geyser. Now, we’ve done several articles about solar geysers on this site. They include the basics about solar geyser, and we have some more in-depth articles available, but what you need to know is that you’ll be cutting your electric bill with up to 50%. There are many different designs and options you can choose from, involving different tank sizes, pump systems and collectors. Solar geysers can effectively provide hot water for up to 20 years, which is more than enough time to see a big return on your investment.


Solar Pool Pump

For homeowners with a pool, you’ll know how much electricity the pump can use, so why not get a solar powered pool pump? We’ve got more details about solar pool pumps in a different article as well, but when it comes down to it, the basics stay the same. The pump works the same way as a typical pump, the only difference is the way the pump gets powered. Just make sure you choose one that fits with your filtration system and the size of your pool.

solar pool-pump

Solar Air Conditioning

That’s right people, you can use the sun to cool your home. Even though there might not be a wide variety of solar air conditioners on the South African market, you still have a few options. They work exactly like a solar array or geyser, and with some air conditioners you can use the excess energy to power other electrical appliances.

solar power air conditioner

Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Solar powered lawn movers can come with two great advantages. Firstly, you can cut all day long without using a single electricity unit from the grid. Secondly, some of the models can mow the lawn without your help! If you consider mowing the lawn as part of your exercise, you can opt for the conventional push models. It’s got a panel on top that powers the engine while you direct it where to go. Either way, you are going to save on the electric bill.



Solar Powered Lights

You won’t find a shortage of solar powered lights and you can use them inside the home or out in the garden. Where they used to be primarily for decorative purposes due to the low amount of light they provided, now you can get bright security flood lights and much more. You can have the lights on all night and it won’t cost you anything extra than the cost of the light itself.

solar lights

Battery Chargers

Out of all the methods mentioned above, the most creative solar power designs come in the form of chargers. From plastic Bonsai trees and solar powered curtains, to backpacks and purses. Even though chargers don’t typically use a lot of energy, it’s another drop in the bucket in terms of saving money. If you could implement all the things on this list you might as well be off the grid.


Solar Powered Car

A solar powered car isn’t going to bring down the electric bill, but it will save you money on rising fuel prices. In fact, it can see you driving around when there’s no fuel around. At the moment you only have two choices of solar cars in South Africa, but Elon Musk is bringing the first Tesla car to our shores. It might be the most expensive item on this list, but it will certainly bring your solar lifestyle full circle.