Are Low Pressure Geysers the Right Choice for You?

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South Africans have a choice regarding the way they use solar. You can choose to go with a complete, off the grid system. Or you can start small with something like low pressure geysers. Whatever your reason for going solar might be, you can be sure it’s a good one. Not only are you curbing your carbon footprint, you’ll be getting free electricity for years to come.

Low pressure geysers are basic and safe.

There are several reasons why a low pressure geyser is going to be the perfect choice, and this is what this article is going look at. We’ll be focusing on the basic way the geyser functions, and why it might be the solution for you.

The Basic Setup of Low Pressure Geysers

It doesn’t really get more basic than this, because there are no pumps involved, no electricity, and virtually no maintenance. However, you need to be satisfied with a combined unit. In other words, the solar collector and geyser are closely connected.

low pressure geysers

In the picture above you’re seeing the evacuated tube collector, which is a popular choice for a low pressure geyser. But if you prefer panels, those are available too. With a combined setup like this it means the position of the geyser has to move. This is because the circulation process relies on a natural cycle. Thanks to gravity, cold water goes down to the collector while the hot water moves up.

People Who Will Appreciate A Low Pressure Geyser

The first benefit that jumps to mind is the affordability. Given that this particular geyser is so cost effective, it’s a logical economic choice if you have a tight budget. For the second benefit we’ll refer back to the basic design. No pumps or other moving parts are necessary, which means you have less to worry about. In fact, you’re looking at a cut in costs for installation as well, seeing as the complications are minimal.

Last but not least, this is a very light unit that won’t put too much pressure on the roof. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much space. In terms of presentation, it’s not the most attractive solar geyser on the market, but that’s the great thing about solar power. You get to choose other systems.

People Who Won’t Like It

The only real disadvantage you might have with a low pressure geyser is the combined unit situation. If you want the geyser to be separated from the collector and be less intrusive visually, you’ll need to look into other systems that involve pumps.

To Sum Up

Low pressure geysers are lightweight, affordable and basic way of reducing the electric bill. Even though it doesn’t look very fancy or sophisticated, it beats the hell out of paying Eskom such outrageous prices. But the great thing is that you have a variety of choices. If the low pressure system isn’t for you, then look into the high pressure and pump options. But if your budget is stricter than you want it to be, then you can’t go wrong with this solar geyser.