Low Pressure Solar Geysers Vs Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Making your home more energy efficient can be done in many ways. In this case, the focus is will be low pressure solar geysers vs heat pump water heaters. Which one of the two will serve you best and save you the most money? Unfortunately there is no straight answer. Instead, your needs and demands are going to determine which one suits your lifestyle better. To help get a better understanding of what you need, here’s a quick comparison.

Low Pressure Solar Geysers

The first big difference you’ll spot regarding low pressure solar geysers vs heat pump water heaters is the energy source. The solar geyser makes use of sun rays to heat the water and it’s a very basic design. There aren’t any moving parts (like pumps) involved, which means less maintenance, but also a slightly weaker stream.

Low Pressure Solar Geysers Vs Heat Pump Water Heaters

In South Africa a low pressure solar geyser kit consists of an evacuated tube collector and the tank. By using a natural circulation process via gravity, the water heated by the tubes move up to the tank. At the same time the cold water moves to the collector. Tube collectors are very popular for water heating, because they are a little more effective during cloudy days. Plus, their circular shape allows for better tracking during the day.

As mentioned, these are basic and straightforward kits. The installation is quick and the overall system is lightweight. Once the geyser is in place, you just need the sun to shine if you want to have some hot water.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters use a different concept for heating water. Instead generating heat, it captures it from the surrounding area. The best example would be a refrigerator that heats your food instead of keeping it cool. Where a refrigerator gets rid of hot air, the heat pump captures it. This heat is then transferred to the water. If you want to get really technical, the solar geyser depends on sun rays while the heat pump depends on actual heat.


Another big difference is that heat pumps still require electricity to function. Even though they make energy usage for heating water more efficient, they can’t operate when the power is out. Plus, it still shows up on the electricity bill. In cases when the surrounding air is too cold, or when hot water is in high demand, it switches to the conventional resistance wire element to heat the water.

Low Pressure Solar Geysers Vs Heat Pump Water Heaters

If you want to be independent from the grid in terms of heating water, the low pressure solar geyser is your best option. Even though water can’t be heated at night, if used wisely the hot water should last the whole day. Add to this a substantial difference in your electricity bill and years of absolutely free hot water, then it makes loads of sense. However, the heat pump does have the advantage of heating water through the night, and you can adjust the settings for the efficiency levels.

Take nothing away from the heat pump water heaters, because the initial installation is slightly more affordable. But in the long run you save more with the solar option and there’s less maintenance. Regardless of which one you choose, you are going to save money, it’s just a question of how much?