Solar panels for home energy

When you think about Solar panels for home energy you think of obvious factors like clouds and darkness. These elements are being overcome in several ways, such as the new solar technology that can possibly create electricity when it rains.

There is another technology making waves. Just like cellphones and computers are constantly enjoying upgrades, the world of solar panels is also seeing amazing developments towards a greener energy. Solar cells that can actually create electricity through the heat that surrounds it. This means no direct sunlight is necessary.

Thermophotovoltaic Cells and Metamaterials in Solar panels for home energy

The Australian National University and the University of California Berkeley have combined their smart minds to explore thermophotovoltaic cells. Research in this field was conducted by Dr. Kruk after he predicted the potential of metamaterial and how it can contribute to solar energy without sunrays. This artificial material actually glows in an unusual way when heated.

Instead of using direct sunlight the cells capture surrounding heat, which is converted into electricity. This helps to overcome many of the obstacles that prevent solar energy from turning into the most popular green choice. As for the thermophotovoltaic cells, which are capable of absorbing the surrounding heat, it's the type of technology that is double as efficient as conventional cells.

Solar panels for homeThe metamaterial is made of gold and magnesium fluoride, the structure of this material is nanoscopic and in order to develop it they are using cutting edge technology.

The magic of the metamaterial lies in its physical abilities. More specifically, it's ability to be tweaked in a way that it only radiates in specific spectral range and into a specific direction. Used in conjunction with thermophotovoltaic cells you get a very effective renewable energy source.

This new solar technology can be utilized without direct sunlight. Power can be created on demand by combining the thermophotovoltaic cells with a burner. It can even recycle heat from hot engines.

What Does It Mean Right Now for Solar panels for home energy?

This discovery is truly remarkable, the panels that can possibly turn rain into power, everything remains in the preliminary stages.

However, you can still find several great innovations with current Solar panels for home energy. So, until these new solar panels take us another few steps forward, it's important to embrace the renewable options we currently have.

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