Off grid solar system

How To Buy The Right Off Grid Solar System

Are you looking to become electricity independent and need help choosing the right Off Grid Solar System?

What people have to realize is that getting off the grid with solar power doesn't always happen overnight.

For many, it's a process that usually starts small. It could be a matter of affordability or simply a prerogative to test how effective a transition would really be, it doesn't matter.

This is why our starter guide to choosing the right Off-Grid solar system and what you need to get completely off the grid. It's ideal to look at the bigger picture, this will help your step-by-step path to independence.

We will look at everything that goes into this process. But to put it in perspective, here is a breakdown of what to expect.

Helpful Information regarding Equipment

There are several parts that make up a complete solar array. Some of these parts are vital, such as the collectors, whereas some parts serve as something to make the system more efficient, such as batteries. Within their guide we'll be focusing on:

Off-Grid Solar System varieties

There are three different systems you can utilize.

Each one of the systems has its share of benefits, although getting off the grid completely is ultimately the best choice.

It's a rather big investment to make, which is why you want to be informed about everything. Maybe it's better to make a gradual change instead of jumping in at the deep end.

The guide will cover some of the important things to keep in mind before making a decision.

Costs and Calculations

Calculate your Off grid Solar systemOnce you know how much you are going to save, it's much easier to choose whether you'll be benefiting from a solar array or geyser.

This is another aspect this guide will aim to cover, for example, providing you with a detailed calculation formula that helps you get to the bottom of your electricity costs.

How much energy are you going to need on a daily basis?

What's it going to cost over a period of 20 years? In addition to calculating how much energy you use at peak times, we'll make a comparison between Grid-Tied costs and a solar array.

To help with calculating what you may need, use our online calculator to get an idea of what you need.

Tip: Work out how much electricity each appliance uses and tally up everything. Look at your electricity bill and estimate what you would like to run off your Solar Power system.

Interesting Solar Power Appliances

Even though an off the Off-Grid solar system is typically associated with the home itself and all the appliances inside, you can take it a step further. There are innovative creations, such as outdoor solar lights and even lawnmowers, that brings your off the grid living full circle.

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