Powerz-On 12 Evacuated Tube Collector

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Direct systems use the water in the geyser as the heating fluid, as a result they are very efficient but can be susceptible to freeze and are not recommended for areas with bad water quality.

Pumped systems use a Solar Collector positioned on the roof to absorb thermal heat and rely on an electrical pump to transfer the heated fluid into the geyser positioned out of sight inside the roof. Pumped systems are aesthetically pleasing and in some cases the existing geyser already installed in the house can be converted to solar.


Evacuated tube collectors are a little different from your typical panel. This is because the collector utilizes tubes instead of a flat surface. They can either heat the water directly, or a heating liquid can be used. The latter is a popular choice, because the fluid never leaves the geyser and tends to maintain a better temperature.

The 100L POWERZ-ON 12 EVAC TUBE COLLECTOR is highly efficient and it’s made in South Africa, which means you’ll be getting it a very affordable price. Even though tube collectors are more fragile than typical panels, they are still strong enough to resist hail along with other natural elements.

  • Hail resistant
  • SABS approved
  • Manufactured in RSA
  • Highly efficient
  • Frame included


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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 1220 × 150 mm

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