12kw Grid-Tied
3 Phase – Solar Power Kit

Code: SADVICE-002

Perfect for residential / small businesses that use power in the daytime

System specs:


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This Kit Includes:

  • 40 x Canadian Solar 295W Poly PERC KuPower GEN4
  • 1 x Huawei SUN2000 12KTL 12kW 3phase inverter
  • 1 x Complete pitched roof Solar mounting kit (to be determined)
  • 20 x MC4 Connector Twin Pack ( Kit 1 )
  • 1 x K&N Three Phase AC Switch Disconnector 25A
  • 1 x 4mm2 single-core DC cable 100m – Black
  • 1 x 6mm2 single-core 100m – Red

Solar Kit Specifications:

  • Annual Yield EST: 23,364kwh
  • Levelled cost of electricity generated per kWh over 5 years: R1.03
  • Levelled cost of electricity generated per kWh over 10 years: R0.51
Remember, in 10 years time electricity rates would be close to R6 – R8 p/kwh

How Many Appliances Can I Run?

This varies with the size of your system, for example, with a 4kw system can run 4000 Watts worth of appliances at any one time.

Note:  You can run all these appliances at the same time for 4 hours (estimated) 

Appliance Watts (per hour)
Standard Fridge 120
Fridge Freezer 120
Personal Computer 200
46″ LCD Flat screen TV 250
Modem 12
Alarm System 15
12 LED Lights 240 (20 Watts Each)
DSTV Decoder 30
Total: 977 watts

Estimating Your Own Usage

Here is a list of other appliances with their Watts (Rating):

These are estimated, to get an accurate Watt usage refer to each appliance manual.

Appliance Watts (per hour)
Network SWitch 20
Radio 30
Electric Blanket 50
Sewing Machine 70
Electric Fan 60
Hi-Fi 150
Electric Fence 250
File Server 500
Small Flood Light 500
Standard Flood Light 1000
Laser Printer 600
Power Drill 600
Iron 2000
Hair Dryer 1800
Microwave 800
Washing Machine (hot) 2300
Washing Machine (cold) 1000
Vacuum Cleaner 1200
Swimming pool Pump 1100
Electric Frying Pan 1500
Cordless Kettle 1800
Dish Washer 2300
Tumble Dryer 2800
Oven 2000

How Long Will The Power Last?

  • Approximately 5 hours at Peak Power during the day
  • Approximately 4 hours Off-Peak Power during the evening (backup power)

Component Details:

Canadian Solar modules:

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