12V Circulation Pump

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The circulation pump is a very important part of a hydronic system. In a hydronic system the water is heated directly and the pump ensures the hot water is available immediately at the faucet. Where you usually have to let the water run a little bit, it won't be necessary when a pump is used.

This 12V Circulation Pump is one of those heavy duty components that can run 24 hours a day and last for up to 13 years when used in a typical solar power system. It also comes with some fail-safe innovations, such as automatically switching to a lower functionality when overheating or running dry.

Features of the 12V-TS5 Pump

* Energy efficient micro processor controlled brushless DC motor.
* Low inrush current soft start. Starts at 2 Watt.
* Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller and fine ceramic shaft.
* Long life brushless motor technology provides maintenance free and quiet service.
* Heavy duty. Continual 24 hour operation.
* High temperature Ryton casing and impeller (no deformation up to 260°C).
* Automatic dry-running, over-temperature and overload protection.
* Low power consumption

Over-Temperature Protection

The ITS12V-B Solar DC pump comes with an integrated over-temperature safety device which slows down the pump at 95°C and shuts off the pump electronics when reaching temperature over 110°C (230°F). When the temperature of the pumped fluid cooled to below 95°C (203°F) the pump will function normally again.

Technical Specifications

* Working Voltage (DC): 8V~24V
* Power consumption: 2W ~ 10W
* Life Span: 13 years (normal solar use)
* Noise: < 42dB
* Max Flow Rate: 10L / minute
* Static Head: 2.3m
* Working Temperature: Max 110°C
* Connection Ports: 1/2 inc brass
* Max Pressure: 10 bar



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Dimensions 120 × 160 × 120 mm

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