Low pressure solar geysers

150L Low pressure CC solar geyser – 15 tubes

R4,260.52 Excl VAT

Package comes with complete system:

  • 15 tube collector
  • 150L low pressure tank
  • 2 year warranty
  • Stand for pitched roof
  • Feeder Tank


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Closed coupled Low pressure solar geysers

Closed coupled low pressure solar geysers have a pressure rating of no more than 100kpa of pressure. Having a low pressure solar geyser allows for that same pressure to be heating FREE OF CHARGE!

These systems are typically used in rural areas and farms, where municipal water supply is not available.  Municipal water is usually pumped throughout the network of underground and above ground pipes to its location with the use of very powerful pumps, and as such, is usually considered high pressure.  Low pressure water supply is fed to the user with only the use of gravity.  This means that the water is usually stored in above ground tanks above the level of where it is used, and gravity pulls it down.  This type of water supply is called low pressure.

Should you wish to install a low pressure system in your home with municipal fed water, you would ultimately need to utilize a pressure control valve to reduce the amount of pressure coming from the main source.

Closed coupled systems:

It can get quite confusing when trying to figure out what solar geyser to go with. Closed coupled systems are probably the most effective systems as they have less chance of heat loss because there is less pipe travel till it reaches the tank through the thermosiphon method. Another way to remember closed coupled is that it is 1 peace. The pipes slot into the tank utilizing a silicone sleeve to seal it.

Package comes with complete system:

  • 15 tube collector
  • 150L low pressure tank
  • 2 year warranty
  • Stand for pitched roof
  • Feeder Tank

Optional but not included:

  • Back up element (R155)
  • Thermostat (R260)

No valves are included. Please add the valve installation package should you require it for a brand new installation.


Low pressured solar geysers can be quite simple to install. If you have a little experience with working with you hands, you should be able to do this yourself.

We have put together a step by step instruction manual to assist you with all you may need to know for installing this low pressure geyser solar system.

DIY documents and Manuals below:

Installation Manual

Frequently asked water heating questions:

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