16 OPzS solar.power 2900 Ah 48V lead acid

Using 2V cells is a great way to achieve a large storage capacity while keeping costs down. Perfect for using with high powered systems to deliver the loads that are required.

This part is made up of the following items:

24 x 16 OPzS solar.power 2900 Ah 2V lead acid


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Some characteristics of the OPzS cells:

–        Very high expected service life – due to optimised low-antimony selenium alloy

–        Excellent cycle stability – due to tubular plate design

–        Maximum compatibility – design according to DIN 40736-1

–        Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation – based on HOPPECKE system connectors

–        Can optionally add AquaGen to minimise emissions and reduce the need for maintenance



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Weight 3621.6 kg
Dimensions 5160 × 9600 × 19560 mm

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