16 OPzV solar.power 2300 Ah 2V lead gel

16 OPzV solar.power 2300 Ah 2V lead gel

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Using 2V cells is a great way to achieve a large storage capacity while keeping costs down. Perfect for using with high powered systems to deliver the loads that are required.

Some characteristics of the OPzV cells:

–        Maintenance-free: no need for water refilling due to innovative Gel-technology

–        Very high expected service life – due to optimized lead-calcium alloy

–        Very high cycle stability – due to tubular plate design

–        Maximum compatibility – design according to DIN 40742

–        Optimal space utilization – due to possibility of horizontal arrangement

–        Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation – based on using Hoppecke system connectors


Downloadable Docs

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Weight 152.9 kg
Dimensions 215 × 400 × 815 mm


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