Microcare 20A LCD MPPT

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The Microcare Maximum Power Point Tracker Regulator is designed to interface between the solar panel and the batteries. The tracker will always find the optimum power point of the solar panel system to ensure that maximum power is extracted from the solar panel and put into the batteries. Using this system up to 30% more power can be extracted from the solar panel than using shunt or series PWM regulators. The MPPT charge controller will deliver the highest charge current possible for a given set of operating conditions. The ability to step down a high voltage solar array to a low voltage battery can save you money by reducing the size of the wire required and making the installation simpler and faster.

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Key Features:

  • utomatic selection of Battery voltage (12 – 48V)
  • Input panel voltage (20-150Voc)
  • Circuit Breaker protection – Full input and output protection
  • Electronic current limiting.
  • 4 Line LCD Display: 1. Battery Voltage, 2. Charge Mode (Equalize, Boost and Float) showing Charge Current,       3. Panel Voltage and 4. Output Power from the Panels
  • Data Logger: 24hr Average and 63 day logger
  • Programmable features
  • Accessories. Battery/ Temperature Sensors, Daylight Switch, Relay Interface. Radio Link.
  • Peak efficiency greater than 96%
  • Advanced constant Power Point Tracking algorithm

Product Specifications:

Output Current Rating: 20, 40, 60, and 100A available
Nominal Battery Voltage: Multi-Voltage (Automatic/Manual selection of voltage – 12/24/36/48V)
PV Input Voltage: Open Circuit Absolute Maximum 150V DC
Charge Algorithm: 5-stage 3-level (Equalize/Boost/Float)
Equalize Voltage: Charges to 15V per battery (Timed or Full)
Boost Voltage: Default charges to 14.5V (Set capable)
Float Voltage Default: 13.8V per battery (Set capable)
Power Conversion: DC/DC Switch Mode
Voltage Step Down: Can charge a lower voltage battery from a higher voltage PV array
Power Consumption: Less than 1W
Environmental Rating: 0 – 40ºC
Input: 20, 40, 63, and 100A DP Input Circuit Breaker
Output Connection: 25, 50, 63, and 100A DP Output Circuit Breaker
Cabinet Dimension: 210mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 110mm (H)
Weight: 3kgs


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 210 x 220 x 110 mm

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