High pressure Closed Coupled Solar Geyser - 30 Tubes

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These closed coupled high pressure systems are best suited for your everyday house hold. Very basic and reliable systems that ensure you get the job done.


  • 30 Evacuated tubes
  • 5 years warranty
  • Simple to install
  • No maintenance needed
  • System still works if 1 tube breaks
  • Up to 100% heating cost saving in summer

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    High Pressure solar geysers

    A high pressure solar geyser is designed for on grid water supply (municipality). Anything over 200kpa is considered high pressure, however 400kpa is ideally what you would want to running your hot water pressure at.

    Closed Coupled solar geysers

    It can get quite confusing when trying to figure out what solar geyser to go with. Closed coupled systems are probably the most effective systems as they have less chance of heat loss because there is less pipe travel till it reaches the tank through the thermosiphon method. Another way to remember closed coupled is that it is 1 peace. The pipes slot into the tank utilizing a silicone sleeve to seal it.

    Package includes:

    • 5 Year guarantee
    • 600 KPA
    • 250L High pressure Tank
    • 30 Heat pipe Tubes per 250L
    • Includes the tank, stand and tubes
    • Life expectancy usually 15 years

    Optional: Not included

    • Element ( R155)
    • Thermostat (R 260)

    For a completely new installation you do require a few valves around the geyser which is not included in this product however is available upon request from our technical team. Simply email [email protected] and we shall quote you on the extras.


    We have added a DIY manual for you to do the installation yourself if you wish. You simply need to be handy with the hands and make sure you follow the requirements for the warranty to remain intact.

    Simply follow the instruction in the manual below:

    Installation manual


    System Specs:

    Quick video on how a solar geyser works

    If you still are a little confused about which way to go with the solar geyser options, please take a look at some of the articles we have made to make your life easier below.

    Frequently asked water heating questions:

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