220V ITS Circulation Pump

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Whether you want to make sure the hot water from your solar geyser is immediately available in your faucet, or you want to run a air conditioning system to cool down the house, the 220V ITS Circulation Pump is the perfect companion. It requires very little maintenance and it's perfect for circulating hot and cold water. When you install a direct solar geyser it will require a pump of this nature, but it's definitely not the only thing you can use it for.


This pump utilizes the benefits of stainless steel to keep moisture away from the electrical components. A Mechanical seal is not required, thus completely eliminating any possibility of leaking. The main components of the pump housing consist of high rigidity stainless steel for the motor shaft, graphite bearings. The water cycles between stator and rotor, this is not only for cooling, but also for bearing lubrication. The pump is noise free under normal operation. Advanced scientific design allows for continuous use of 30,000 hours trouble-free and maintenance-free. The features for this pump are: no noise, no vibration, no leaking, and long term maintenance free operation.



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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 130 × 180 × 130 mm

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