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    Our  best-selling inverters by far , the Hybrid inverter really does it all.

    Start with this kit and  scale up to whatever you desire , add more inverters, batteries and most importantly solar panels when you want.

    With a  5kW option  you have the option to establish a robust base to start from, this is a very popular choice for those who want to start with their solar journey but want this do this in stages.

    The battery options offer the following:

    PylonTech UP5000 4.8kWh: 4500 cycles @ 95% DOD 0.5C and a 5-year warranty.
    Dyness 4.8kWh: 6000 cycles @ 80% DOD 0.5C and a 10-year warranty.

    Note:  Discharge rate is 0.5C (half the battery capacity)  regardless of the number of batteries that are in parallel.

    It has UPS which will give you that seamless experience when the grid goes down, you won't even notice. Check out the many features this system brings.

    Equipment Information

    Hybrid 5kWDyness 4.8kWhPylonTech 4.8kWh

    Inverter Features

    Completely Autonomous

    Autonomous Hybrid Solar Inverter  keep the lights on and your bills down with no effort.  


    Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries  on the market.

    Parallel Connection

    If your needs grow so can your inverter, you can connect up to  9 Hybrid inverters  to expand.

    BMS Port

    Connect your Lithium-ion battery directly with this  new BMS Port , no need for middleware to communicate with your battery.


    Don’t worry about your battery running dry,  the inverter will still use solar or grid .


    Monitor your usage using the WiFi/GPRS and the  Android or IOS App .

    How Hybrid Inverters Work

    Datasheet & Manual Downloads

    LuxPowerTek 5kW Hybrid Inverter Datasheet

    LuxPowerTek 5kW Hybrid Inverter Manual

    Top Features

    Parallel Connection

    Perfect for  expanding your battery bank capacity at a later stage .

    Long-life Quality Lithium-ion Battery

    With a  10-year warranty  your can expect your battery to last for years to come.

    Built-in Battery Controller

    This  protects the battery from any surges, over-charging, increase in temperature  and more.


    LiFeP04 batteries are the  safest on the market  and are better for the environment.


    Save space by mounting the battery under the inverter  making a better looking installation .


    You can stack the batteries on top of each other using brackets.  Scaling up made simple .

    Datasheet & Manual Downloads

    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Datasheet

    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Manual

    Top Features

    Parallel Connection

    A fantastic feature for those wanting to  expand their system at a later stage  is the ability to add more batteries to expand your battery capacity.

    Long-life Quality Lithium-ion Battery

    Vertical industry integration ensures  4500 cycles with 95% DOD.  Developed with their own LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cell to ensure the highest safety and most promising cycle life.

    BMS protected

    Self-designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperatures, surges and irregular voltages.


    Compatible with most of the leading inverters on the market. Its compact and fashionable design fits in your home environment

    Datasheet & Manual Downloads

    PylonTech UP5000 Battery Datasheet

    PylonTech UP5000 Battery Manual

    Warranty Pylontech Voltronic Validation Form

    PylonTech UP5000 Battery Warranty

    PylonTech Inverter Setup

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    60 Months @ 11% APR
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    Adding Solar Later, Extending in Phases, Medium Households, UPS Backup

Load Shedding Kit

5kW LuxPowerTech Hybrid - Battery Backup - Load Shedding Kit

Starting at From: R48,710.22 inc VAT
Pay monthly
60 Months @ 11% APR
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Over 100% coverage is better for low production days

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