Axpert Type 5kW / 5kVA 48V Inverter 80A MPPT Type - Parallel card included

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This is a multi-functional inverter/charger is one of the  most affordable 5kW inverters on the market .

The Axpert Type 5kVA/5kW 80A MPPT PF1 is ideal for those looking for an  all-in-one inverter  that combines the functions of a solar charger, battery charger and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Support) in a portable size.


  • Pure Sine Solar Inverter
  • Parallel up to  9 Units  – Parallel Card Included
  • Built-in 80A MPPT Charge Controller
  • 5kW / 5kVa PF1 (Power Factor 1)
  • Maximum  PV Input of 4000 watts 
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Support) Function
  • Configurable Priority Settings via LCD Screen
  • Auto Restart while AC is recovering
  •  Overload & Short Circuit Protection 
  •  USB Input Option Included 
  •  Very Affordable 

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This popular inverter offers an All-in-one solution to your  Off-Grid Solar Power solution . With  enough size to run an average household  it is affordable, robust and popular,  a very good all-round entry level inverter .

 Ideal for a small to medium-sized households or a small office  this inverter will handle up to 5kW continuously, to estimate how much you will be running on this system you can use our Online Solar System Calculator below.

The  built-in Charge Controller  allows you to connect Lead-Acid, Gel or Lithium-ion batteries (no communication with Lithium-ion)  giving you a great plug-and-play system.

 Move Off-Grid in your own time with this inverter , add batteries to build your own Load Shedding kit or both batteries and panels to be completely independent, check out our Solar Power Kit for a breakdown of components you need.

A  simple and easy to set LCD screen  allows you to set your specific configuration such as the priority of Solar/Battery/Grid, the battery settings and this can be loaded by USB or directly set.

With a  Maximum PV Input of 4000 watts  will enable you to have a nice sized array, approximately 12 x 330 watts panels (3960 watts total).  Use our calculator below to determine your array.

Worried about overloading your inverter? With the  built-in overload and short circuit protection , the system will simply trip in such a situation protecting your inverter.  In cases of surges, there is a 5-second 8kW peak  that will also protect against the unexpected.


Parallel Connection

If your needs grow so can your inverter, you can be connected up to  9 Off-Grid inverters  in series to expand your system, don’t be limited in the future.

Completely Autonomous

Autonomous Off-Grid Solar Inverter  keeps the lights on and your bills to zero with no effort.   This solar inverter is smart by knowing what to do and when.

Charging Source Settings:

  • Solar first, grid and solar, solar only, grid only can be set
  • Solar only: 80A (maximum)
  • Grid only: up to 60A

Output (discharge) Source:

  • Solar only - Can be set
  • Utility only (bypass) - Can be set
  • Prioritized solar/battery/utility - Can be set

Monitoring & Setting:

  • Computer Connection: Serial port
  • LCD screen

Expansion: Single Inverter

  • PV Panels minimum: 500W
  • PV Panels maximum: 4000W
  • Batteries minimum: 4 x 100Ah 12V
  • Peak Efficiency: 90%
  • No Load Power Consumption: <50watt

Expansion: More Inverters

  • Installed in parallel: Up to 9 units = 45kVA
  • Inverter comes with a parallel kit to accommodate multiple inverters.

Three Phase:
Requires three parallel inverter units, in parallel, and set to three phases.


View our Axpert Type AGM kit

Axpert Type 5kW - Oliter 2.4kWh AGM - Solar Power Kit

Axpert Type 5kW – Oliter 4.8kWh AGM – Solar Power Kit

Calculate Your Usage

This calculator will give you an estimated system size to use when shopping for inverters, backup storage and solar coverage.

  1. Add your appliance and the number of hours it is used in a day
  2. Select if you want the appliance to have battery backup
  3. Take note of the output below to see if the kit will work for your setup

System Size Estimation

Solar coverage

This is how much solar you need to cover your load

Panels needed

Solar Panels
Total Solar / 330w panel size / 5.5 sun hours + 20%

Inverter size

This is the maximum kw size (everything turned on) minus 20%.

Backup size needed

Lithium-ion (80% DoD)

Email us your system size

We will also send you a copy

Note: All figures are rounded up to give systems a buffer in case of unexpected surges or extra appliances.

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Additional information

Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 140 × 295 × 540 mm

kW Size


Volt Size


System Type


kVA Size


1 Year



Maximum PV Array Power


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