B-BOX 5.12kWh Battery – Wall Mounted

The Battery Box products rely on the cutting-edge BYD Iron-Phosphate battery for the streamlined energy storage. B-Box 2.5-V2 has a lightweight wall mounting design which has been specially developed for use in small areas that require energy back-up.


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Not only with the same batteries used on the BYD double-decker E-Bus in London, but all the batteries for the B-BOX are produced by the same fully automation traction battery production line.

The B-BOX 2.5-V2, with BYD’s excellent Iron-Phosphate battery, has the superiorities of high reliability,  high life-cycle and high temperature performance, as well as being environmentally friendly.

The B-BOX2.5-V2 needs three components to work:

  • Battery module,
  • BMU
  • Wall bracket or Rack.

Battery provides energy to load , BMU is communication centre, Bracket is for mounting to the wall or Rack is for floor mounting.

Please note this is battery only and it will not work without the BMU.

This is the new 100% DOD version of B-Plus 2.5 battery.

Warranty conditions for South African customers: To ensure your BYD warranty will be honoured, all South African customer are to complete and return the “Warranty Submission Form” to SegenSolar within the first month of installation.


Downloadable Docs

B-BOX 2.5 Wall Mounted new

B-Box Pro 2.5_10.0 Mini configuration list Nov17

B-BOX Pro 2.5-10.0 Installation Guidance V2.1_July 2017

B-BOX Pro 2.5-10.0 User manual V2.2_July 2017

B-BOX Product Warranty letter(SA)_20170509

B-BOX safety function introduction(20170111)


TRF for battery-IEC62619




Wall mounted system quick guide

Additional information

Weight 88 kg
Dimensions 580 × 894 × 380 mm

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