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    Parallel Connection

    BYD B-Box Parallel Icon  Expand your system at a later stage  by adding more batteries. You need a min of 5 or max of 6 in a stack.

    Long-life Quality Lithium-ion Battery

    BYD B-Box Long-life Icon Vertical industry integration ensures  6000 cycles with 100% DOD.  Developed with their own LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cell to ensure the highest safety and most promising cycle life.

    Easy Expansion

    BYD B-Box Easy Expansion Icon Quick and easy installation thanks to their modular design.


    BYD B-Box Compatibility Icon Compatible with most of the leading 1 and 3 phase high voltage inverters.

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    BYD B-Box Datasheet

    BYD B-Box Compatibility List

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    60 Months @ 11% APR
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    Weight 15 kg
    Dimensions 58 × 240 × 380 mm


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BYD B-Box Premium HVS/HVM Base & BCU

R9,818.62 inc VAT

This is a Battery Control Unit for the BYD B-Box HVS Battery.

You will need:
BYD B-Box Premium HVS/HVM Base & BCU
This item: BYD B-Box Premium HVS/HVM Base & BCU
R9,818.62 inc VAT
R9,818.62 inc VAT
R22,964.67 inc VAT
You can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 batteries in each stack.
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