diy solar geyser150L ITS Flat Plate 220v retrofit geyser conversion150L ITS Flat Plate 220v retrofit geyser conversion150L ITS Flat Plate 220v retrofit geyser conversion

150L ITS Flat Plate 220v retrofit geyser conversion

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From: R7,247.71

Convert your current electrical geyser into a solar geyser and start saving up to 90% of your water heating bill.

For a household of 3 people, you could be saving between R600 – R900 per month off your electricity bill.

Included Products:




Geyserwise Delta T Digital controller


Tempering Valve


Water circulation pump

Water circulation pump 220V


22mm Full Bore Lever Ball Valve × 2

R194.30 / pc.

Installation Facilitation – optional

Please see terms of installation and covered areas before purchasing the installation package

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Diy solar geyser

Investing in a solar geyser is like putting money in the bank. But what if you already have a tank that works perfectly? Do you really need to get a new one just to switch to solar power? Not if you decide to go with the 150L ITS Flat Plate 220v retrofit diy solar geyser conversion kit. With this kit you can use the tank that’s currently installed and still be able to save up to 90% of water heating costs.

You get the high quality collector, a circulation pump to circulate the heat between the collector and the tank, a tempering valve and two leaver ball valves. You’ll also be getting a Geyserwise controller, which gives you more out of your solar geyser system, acting as the brain of the whole operation. You’ll never be disappointed if you invest in a retrofit geyser kit.


DIY Instructions:

We have added a DIY manual for you to do the installation yourself if you wish. You simply need to be handy with the hands and make sure you follow the requirements for the warranty to remain intact.

Simply follow the instruction in the manual below:


How solar water heating works:


Geyser: You will need a high pressure electric geyser (400kp or more)

Roof: A 25 – 45 degree pitched, predominately north / south facing roof.


We have structured this kit based on the average home owners electric geyser setup. A new geyser installed within the last 4 years will have the right pressure control.

Geysers were on lower pressure before that date and usually are not compatible with this conversion.

Things to check:

  1. What size geyser do you have?
  2. What is the pressure of the geyser (marked by kpa)
  3. Which direction does your roof face?


Specifications downloadable documentation:


Frequently asked questions:



Prices are subject to change with no prior notice. Subject to availability. Images are for display purposes and may vary slightly in appearance.


Standard delivery rates will apply for deliveries to anywhere in South Africa. Delivery dates will be determined by supplier capability.

1 review for 150L ITS Flat Plate 220v retrofit geyser conversion

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I recently purchased this from Solar Advice, and I am really happy with the results. I have not needed to use any electricity to date to heat my water.

    Great service, fantastic assistance. Thank you Solar Advice.

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