200L Sunscan EVT Tube Direct Thermosiphon solar system200L Sunscan EVT Tube Direct Thermosiphon solar system200L Sunscan EVT Tube Direct Thermosiphon solar system200L Sunscan EVT Tube Direct Thermosiphon solar system

200L Sunscan EVT Tube Direct Thermosiphon solar system

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Direct Thermosiphon solar system are by far the most cost effective solar heating solution for new homes or developments.

This system is suitable for Coastal areas only (Non freeze areas)

Package consists of:

SunScan 20 Evacuated Tube Solar Collector


200L GAP Eco Green Solar ready geyser




Installation Facilitation – optional

We shall furnish you with at least 2 quotes and facilitate the installation on your behalf. Please see the installation facilitation section for more details.

This item is not available at the moment.

Thermosiphon solar system

Thermosiphon solar system Tube collectors are popular in the sense that they provide a little more efficiency during cloudy and colder days. The tubes are well insulated to retain the heat they absorb, but at the same time they are durable and long lasting. Another reason for their popularity is the indirect system in which they can function. The transfer fluid mix remains inside the collector, meaning there’s a more efficient heating process.

These systems have the least maintenance required as it uses natural hot and cold movement to circulate the water into the geyser above the collectors. Expected life span for a Thermosiphon system could be anywhere between 10 – 20 years, depending on the environmental conditions and water pressure consistencies.

Natural convection of the liquid starts when heat transfer to the liquid gives rise to a temperature difference from one side of the loop to the other. The phenomenon of thermal expansion means that a temperature difference will have a corresponding difference in density across the loop. The warmer fluid on one side of the loop is less dense and thus more buoyant than the cooler fluid on the other side. The warmer fluid will “float” above the cooler fluid, and the cooler fluid will “sink” below the warmer fluid. This phenomena of natural convection is known by the saying: “heat rises”. Convection moves the heated liquid upwards in the system as it is simultaneously replaced by cooler liquid returning by gravity

Sunscan Thermosiphon

This is SunScans evacuated tube collector range. All the components have been carefully selected from suppliers from all over the world including the best locally available components in order to make sure we provide our clients with a combination of high quality top performing reliable systems.


Frequently asked questions:


Downloadable specs and manuals:

Sunscan: sunscan-product-information

Geyser: eco-green-specs

Research: Flat plate vs EVT tube

Collector: Spec




SunScan 20 Evacuated Tube Solar Collector


Subject to availability from supplier. Prices exclude delivery. The image serves as an example of what the product looks like and may differ slightly in appearance.


10 year warranty


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