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    The  Fusion Hybrid inverters are growing in popularity in South Africa  due to their modern look and their high functionality.

    We've made choosing a battery easy.

    These wall-mounted batteries communicate well with the Fusion 5kW Hybrid Inverter offering you a seamless application and a  Solar Power System that will ensure that you are powered continuously .

    You will not have to worry about switchovers because the  inverter does everything for you .

    If you're looking for a system that you can rely on to do the work for you, this is the kit for you.

    Medium Battery (4.8kWh)

    Simply reserve the battery  for use during load shedding  by configuring the settings on the inverter.
    The Fusion Block can be Wall-Mounted and Rack-Mounted.

    Large Battery (9.6kWh)

    This battery is large enough to  cycle and reserve power for load shedding .

    Fusion 5kw Solar Installation

    Hybrid vs Off-Grid, not sure what the difference is? Watch the video

    Return on Investment

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    *Last 10 years has been 33%


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    Equipment Information

    Fusion Hybrid 5kWFusion 4.8kWh BlockFusion Hub 9.6kWh

    Inverter Features


      360 View

      Take her for a spin

      Essential & Non-Essential Loads

       Essential & Non-Essential loads Being able to have Essential & Non-Essential loads enables you to split out your heavy appliances, saving your battery backup.

      Completely Autonomous

      Autonomous Hybrid Solar InverterAutonomous Hybrid Solar Inverter  keeps the lights on and your bills to zero with no effort.   This solar inverter is smart by knowing what to do and when.

      Robust & Reliable

      A great looking unit makes the Fusion a firm favourite over other inverters in this range, the quality of the Fusion inverters are fantastic.


      Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries  on the market, this inverter has many years of development making it stable and robust when configured correctly.

      Blending AC & DC

      The Fusion is a  true Hybrid inverter , it blends the DC (panels & batteries with the AC grid in the most efficient way.

      Phone App

      Keep on top of you consumption remotely with the Solar System monitoring iPhone or Android app.

      LCD Screen

      Change settings and monitor the inverters performance with the LCD display.

      5-Year Warranty

      Get peace of mind with a standard  5-year warranty. 

      How Hybrid Inverters Work

      Datasheet & Manual Downloads

      Fusion 5kW Inverter Datasheet

      Fusion 5kW Inverter User Manual

      NRS Certificate

      Top Features


        360 Wall-Mounted View

        Take her for a spin


          360 Stack View

          Take her for a spin

          Parallel Connection

          Perfect for  expanding your battery bank capacity at a later stage .

          Long-life Quality Lithium-ion Battery

          With a  10-year warranty  your can expect your battery to last for years to come.

          Built-in Battery Controller

          This  protects the battery from any surges, over-charging, increase in temperature  and more.


          LiFeP04 batteries are the  safest on the market  and are better for the environment.


          Save space by mounting the battery under the inverter  making a better looking installation .


          You can stack the batteries on top of each other using brackets.  Scaling up made simple .

          Datasheet & Manual Downloads

          Fusion 4.8kWh Block Datasheet

          Top Features


            360 View

            Take her for a spin

            Long-life Quality Lithium-ion Battery

            This high performance battery offers  6000 cycles with 80% DOD  with a life expectancy of  10+ years .

            Wall Mounted

            Wall mounted batteries  save floor space  and  keep your batteries safe , especially in high traffic areas and garages.

            1C Discharge

            With a whopping 1C discharge you will be able to  handle spikes of power  to the rating of your inverter, unlike most batteries this is high-performing.

            BMS Protected

            Self-designed BMS  protects the cells  from abnormal temperatures, surges and irregular voltages.


            The Fusion Wall Mounted Battery can be used for  daily cycling and as back up for load shedding .

            10-Year Warranty

            For peace of mind, the Fusion Wall Mounted Battery comes with a standard  10-year warranty. 

            Datasheet & Manual Downloads

            Fusion 9.6kWh Datasheet & Manual

            *Product in image might differ slightly.

            Pay Monthly

            60 Months @ 11% APR
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            Storage Size

            4.8kWh, 9.6kWh

            System Type

            Hybrid, Off-Grid


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            Best for

            Medium Households, UPS Backup

          Hybrid Solar Power Kit

          Fusion 5kW - Wall-Mounted Backup - Solar Power Kit

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