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    Note: This is based on the premise that your energy is being used during the day.

    If you ever wanted to  go solar in the most affordable way  then this is the ideal kit for you.

    This go solar in the most affordable way is large enough to  power a small medium-sized household or small business , the inverter is a nicely sized 5kW with everything you need including an MPPT Charge Controller built-in. This all-in-one system allows you to set your energy priority, choose your preferred application Solar/Battery/Grid.

    Need to estimate what size system you need? Use our Online Solar System Calculator to work out if this system will work for you.

    *Product in image might differ slightly.

    Inverter Features

    Completely Autonomous

    Autonomous Off-Grid Solar Inverter  keep the lights on and your bills to zero with no effort.   This solar inverter is smart by knowing what to do and when.

    Smart Protection

    Protection against overload, over temperature and any short circuiting keeps your inverter safe.

    Parallel Connection

    If your needs grow so can your inverter, you can connect up to  9 Off-Grid inverters  in series to expand your system, don’t be limited in the future.


    Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries  on the market, this inverter has many years of development making it stable and robust when configured correctly.

    Detachable LCD Module

    Monitor your usage with the  new detachable LCD module  that also has multiple communication ports. Use the USB On-the-Go or via Bluetooth.

    BMS Port

    Connect your Lithium-ion battery directly with this  new BMS Port , no need for middleware to communicate with your battery.

    Zero Transfer Time

    Don’t worry about your power cutting out for a second with the Zero Transfer Time between energy sources.

    Mobile App

    Monitor your usage using the new  Android App , connect via Bluetooth up to 7 metres.

    Do You Need A Combiner Box?

    A 4 in 1 out combiner box enables you to expand your PV array.

    If you want to learn more, see our guide on How to Size a PV Array

    To further explain the use of a combiner box, take a look at the diagram below:

    Payback Calculation

    This is an example of what you would payback over 60 Months (5 years)

    FinYou Example:

    Loan Amount: R 65,000
    Loan Rate: 22%
    Loan Term: 60 Months (5 years)
    Monthly repayment: R 1,795

    Apply with FinYou (typical rate 22%)

    Apply for Finance

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      Datasheets & Manuals

      Fusion King Inverter


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I expand the system?

      You can increase the battery capacity.

      If you want to add more solar panels you will are restricted by the inverter peak load.

      You can modify the solar power kit and keep the same inverter in order to descrease the price.

      Can I change some of the components?

      Absolutely, you can customise any part of the system to suit your own specification.

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      kW Size


      Storage Size


      System Type


      Volt Size




      Best for

      Medium Households, UPS Backup

      390W Mono Percium Solar Panel

      Weight 22.3 kg
      Dimensions 1979 × 966 × 40 mm



      Cell Type






      Fusion 5kW Off-Grid Inverter King with UPS

      Weight 17 kg

      kW Size


      Volt Size


      Maximum PV Array Power


      System Type


      Max Parallel Units


      Voltage Type

      Low Voltage


      1 Year


      Christmas Specials

      Oliter 200Ah 12V AGM Battery

      Weight 59 kg
      Dimensions 522 × 240 × 224 mm

      Storage Size


      Volt Size



      Prices are subject to change with no prior notice. Subject to availability. Images are for display purposes and may vary slightly in appearance.


      Standard delivery rates will apply for deliveries to anywhere in South Africa. Delivery dates will be determined by supplier capability.


      Battery Connector Cables

      Weight 0.78 kg

      Battery Cable

      Battery Lugs

      Weight 0.01 kg

      Solar Panel Mounting Kit

      Weight 5.443 kg


      MC4 Connector Kit

      Weight 0.05 kg

      Prices are subject to change with no prior notice. Subject to availability. Images are for display purposes and may vary slightly in appearance.


      Standard delivery rates will apply for deliveries to anywhere in South Africa. Delivery dates will be determined by supplier capability.


      MC4 Connectors

      4 In 1 Out DC Combiner Box

      Weight 2.5 kg
      Dimensions 410 × 285 × 140 mm

      Volt Size


      Battery Disconnector

      Weight 1.06 kg

      Battery Disconnector

      Single Phase Disconnector

      Weight 0.45 kg
      Dimensions 85 × 82 × 160 mm

      AC Disconnector

      Solar Panel Cables

      Weight 5.65 kg

      DC Cable

    • Ratings

    Fusion KING 5kW - Oliter 4.8kWh AGM - Solar Power Kit

    From: R52,988.13 R50,497.64 inc VAT

    Is this system the right size for you

    Kit Components

    390W Mono Percium Solar Panel

    R2,134.40 inc VAT each
    Solar Panel Production

    You can have a maximum of Panels with this inverter.


    Array Size

    Size of the panel multiplied by the amount
    of panels E.g. 390W x 4 panels = 1560 watts

    Daily Prod.

    Daily production of the array
    390W x 5.5 hours of sun
    (average over the year)

    Monthly Prod.

    This is the monthly output of
    the array, compare this with
    what your monthly bill usage

    Per watt

    Solar Panel Guide Sizing an Array

    Fusion 5kW Off-Grid Inverter King with UPS

    R13,799.49 R11,999.00 inc VAT each

    Extended Warranty

    Get an extended 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

    • Direct Swap-out
    • Return Delivery Paid
    • *Only Issued Upon Final Support Warranty Registration

    Off-Grid Inverter Spec

    You can have a maximum of Panels with this Fusion inverter.
    This inverter can parallel up to 9 units


    Max Power

    5kW will be the maximum
    amount of power it can handle,
    E.g all you appliances turned on

    Max Array Size

    4500W is the maximum amount of panel
    power it can handle, if you add too many panels
    the Array Size output above will turn red
    1 Year




    Solar Inverter Guide

    Oliter 200Ah 12V AGM Battery

    R5,071.50 R4,899.00 inc VAT each

    Kit Peripherals 10 items

    Everything else you need for the installation

    Battery Connector Cables

    R205.00 inc VAT each

    Battery Lugs

    R9.99 inc VAT each

    Solar Panel Mounting Kit

    R855.00 inc VAT each

    MC4 Connector Kit

    R86.32 inc VAT each

    4 In 1 Out DC Combiner Box

    R3,450.00 inc VAT

    Battery Disconnector

    R897.00 inc VAT each

    Single Phase Disconnector

    R420.23 inc VAT each

    Solar Panel Cables

    R1,260.00 inc VAT each

    Need Installation?

    Areas Available:
    Cape Town (+ 50km Radius)
    George (+ 100km Radius)
    Port Elizabeth

    Our Certified Solar Advice Installer, we will take care of every aspect of your installation.

    • Includes all aspects of the installation
    • Includes COC Electrician certificate
    • Support Warranty Certificate
    • Workmanship Guarantee
    • Booking Management


    • For Cape Town installations under CoCT you can only install Hybrid Solar Power Kits.
    • Subject to site inspection.
    • Upgraded AC & DC Surge Protection Boxes
    • Includes R8000 worth of materials
    • Excludes any pre-existing electrical issues

    Register your system

    If you receive your bills from CoCT (City of Cape Town) you will need to register your system, our installer can do this for you at an additional fee.

    Only NRS Approved inverters (our Hybrid inverters are NRS Approved, view the complete list.

    Installation is not included

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