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    One of the  most reputable inverters on the market  the Goodwe ES 4.5kW Hybrid inverter just does it all.
    Ahead of its time, the Goodwe came on the market just as Hybrid inverters were becoming popular, with  thousands of units sold every year  and with little to no issues it's the SolarAdvice's go-to when suggesting an affordable, reliable and robust option.
    What makes it so special?
    The biggest advantages are the ability to have  essential and non-essential loads , this enables you to add one essential load that consists of the lights, fridge and appliances you want as a first priority. The non-essential load can consist of bigger appliances such as washers, dryers, geysers or pumps for when you have excess power coming from the Solar array it can start powering those as a second priority.  This is perfect for those wanting to run an energy sufficient household .
    You also have 2 MPPT inputs that allow you to have  2 solar arrays independent from each other , this is especially good for sun coverage on roof structures that get different exposure strength during the day. Eliminating the inefficient panel issue you can have with the single string option.
    Not only is the inverter fanless making it silent, but you can also install it outside undercover in a dry area out of the way.

    Inverter Features

    Essential & Non-Essential Loads

    Being able to have Essential & Non-Essential loads enables you to split out your heavy appliances, saving your battery backup.

    Completely Autonomous

    Autonomous Hybrid Solar Inverter  keeps the lights on and your bills to zero with no effort.   This solar inverter is smart by knowing what to do and when.

    Robust & Reliable

    A great looking unit makes the Goodwe a firm favourite over other inverters in this range, the quality of the Goodwe inverters are fantastic.


    Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries  on the market, this inverter has many years of development making it stable and robust when configured correctly.

    Blending AC & DC

    The Goodwe is a  true Hybrid inverter , it blends the DC (panels & batteries with the AC grid in the most efficient way.

    Phone App

    Keep on top of you consumption remotely with the Solar System monitoring iPhone or Android app.


    Unlike most inverters that have fans you can enjoy peace and quiet with this modern Hybrid.

    5-Year Warranty

    Get peace of mind with a standard  5-year warranty  with an option to extend to 10 years.

    How Does The Hybrid Inverter Work?

    The Hybrid inverter gives you the best of both worlds, not only does it act like a Grid-Tied inverter, but it also gives you the freedom of an Off-Grid inverter.

    Often when wanting to go solar we think of  "Off-Grid" and independence , but what if you can do that and fall back to the grid if for a period or even a moment you needed extra power? Then a Hybrid inverter is an  ideal solution , you can have your cake and eat it too, plus it's cheaper!

    Here are the different arrangements that you can have:


    As you can see you can use this inverter as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for when the grid goes down, or you can use it as Solar solution and you can use the backup system for night time use. Perfect for those looking to start with a backup in order to deal with Load Shedding, then upgrade to a Solar solution later by adding panels.

     If you're looking for an automated solution that you will never need to manually intervene with, this is your perfect power companion .

    Goodwe ES Series Setup

    Goodwe ES Inverter Setup


    Goodwe Inverter strengths

    Product Diagram

    Goodwe Inverter Diagram

    Goodwe 4.6kw inverter system setup

    Goodwe inverter mobile app

    Goodwe Mobile App For Monitoring

    You will need to download the “EZ-Manage” phone app in order to commission this inverter on site.

    You can download the app, and other GoodWe software here:


    Buy the Complete 4.6kw Goodwe Kit

    Goodwe 4.6kW - PylonTech 4.8kWh Lithium-ion - Solar Power Kit

    Goodwe 4.6kW – PylonTech 4.8kWh Lithium-ion – Solar Power Kit

    Calculate Your Usage

    This calculator will give you an estimated system size to use when shopping for inverters, backup storage and solar coverage.

    1. Add your appliance and the number of hours it is used in a day
    2. Select if you want the appliance to have battery backup
    3. Take note of the output below to see if the kit will work for your setup

    System Size Estimation

    Total usage day/night

    Usage over a 24 hour period

    Total per month

    Daily usage times 30 days

    Solar coverage

    Total to cover your load

    Panels needed

    Based on 400w panel

    Inverter size

    This is the maximum kw size (everything turned on)

    Backup size needed

    Lithium-ion (80% DoD)

    Email us your system size

    We will also send you a copy

      Note: All figures are rounded up to give systems a buffer in case of unexpected surges or extra appliances.

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      Weight 36.5 kg
      Dimensions 516 × 440 × 184 mm

      kW Size


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      36.5 kg

      Maximum PV Array Power



      5 Years

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    Goodwe ES 4.6kW Hybrid Inverter

    R31,200.01 inc VAT

    The Goodwe is an  NRS approved (National regulation standards) and on the approved list of inverters for most SA municipalities .

    Goodwe ES series Full Hybrid inverter is best suited to grid-connected PV systems: enhancing self-consumption and  providing 4.6kW backup power to essential loads  in the event of loss of grid.  It can intelligently control the flow of energy .


    •  Both MPPT charge controller and inverter are fully integrated 
    • An intelligent battery management function
    • Capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent
    • Compatible with various Li-Ion battery types
    •  2 x MPPT inputs with a Max of 6500Wp 
    • 100A Battery charger
    • IP65 dust-proof and water-proof rating
    • 45°C full-load output
    • Monitoring of inverters is free via computers or mobile phones and extremely easy to use
    • Fanless, low-noise design
    • 5 year warranty 
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