150 Litres
ITS 2.0 Flat Plate Collector

Code: ITS - FLP2.0 - Horizontal

Flat plate solar collector technology is one oldest and most widely used technologies in solar water heating panels. The simplicity of the technology makes it easy to manufacture offering absolutely great value for money.

Suitable for a 150L geyser.


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Flat-plate collectors are among the most popular choices in South Africa. This is because they present a very simplistic solution to using solar power to heat water. At the same time they are very effective and affordable. The 150L ITS 2.0 FLAT PLATE COLLECTOR utilizes the latest technology in terms of solar panel design, making suitable for a 150L tank. This is enough hot water for families of 3 to 4 people.

You’ll only need one of these solar collectors for a tank, and if you look at the price you’ll realize how much money you can save in the long run. Get rid of the biggest culprit that’s pushing your electricity bill right now and install a solar collector for your geyser.

Product Specifications

Gross Area: 2.0

Aperture Area: 1,86

Cover Thickness: 3mm

Cover Material: Tempered Glass

Weight: 32kg

Guarantee: 5 years

Sensor Pocket: Built in sensor pocket

Panel Orientation: Horizontal – Thermo siphon installations much easier

Material: Copper aluminium fin

Surface Treatment: Anodic Oxidation

Header Material: Copper TP2

Header Tube Size: 22mm diameter, 0,7mm wall

Riser Material: Copper TP2

Riser Tube Size: 10mm diameter, 0,5mm wall

Number Of Risers: 17 pcs

Maximum Pressure: 600kPA

Density: 24kg per cubic meter

Insulation Material: Fibre glass

Insulation Thickness: 30mm @ 32kg/cubic density

Frame: 6063 Aluminium alloy

Frame Color: Matt black

Frame Thickness: 1-2mm

Back Plate: 0,5mm Galvinized steel plate

Max Operating Temperature: < 200 deg C

Sealing Gasket: EPDM

Key Features

SABS Approved

Class leading efficiency

Vertical panels that can be turned horizontally if roof space is limited/ ‘otherwise’

Beautiful black finished outer frame with a frosted glass panel.

Class 1 copper

Built in sensor pocket to make for easier installations

Sleek low profile design

Superior corrosion resistance

Frost & hail resistant

Easy Installation and maintenance free operation

5 year warranty




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Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 1000 × 80 mm

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