ITS SR81 220V Thermal Controller

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A thermal controller is like the window to the condition of your solar array. It’s not part of the components that make it function, instead, it’s there to help you get the most out of your investment. The ITS SR868C8 220V Thermal Controller puts you in a position to check on several critical points, such as the temperature of the tank or the collector. Through a digital screen and a user friendly interface, you’ll easily be able to monitor whether your solar array is staying in shape.

Product Specifications: 

• Dimension – 120mm x 120mm x 18mm.
• Self Power Consumption – <3W.
• Measuring Accuracy of Temperature – ± 2°C.
• Temperature range of measurement – 0°C – 120°C.
• Power of temperature difference controlled circulation pump 600W.
• Power of time controlled circulation pump 600W.
• Power of auxiliary electrical booster 1500W.

Key Features:
• Clock display.
• Temperature difference on/off.
• Maximum tank temperature.
• Frost protection.
• Temperature controlled hot water circulation pump.
• Time controlled hot water circulation pump.
• Temperature controlled auxiliary heating during three time section.
• Protection functions – A. Memory protection, B. Anti-bacteria protection.
• Changed between Components
– 1x High Accuracy PT1000 Sensor for Collector.
– 1x High Accuracy NTC10K Sensor for Tank.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 18 mm

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