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    An inexpensive option if you’re wanting to  run just a few appliances during the day  and be covered during load shedding.


    This Hybrid Inverter allows for an adequate solar array to  power a small to moderate essential load .


    We’ve made choosing a battery easy.


    These wall-mounted batteries communicate well with the 5kW Hybrid Inverter offering you a seamless application and a  Solar Power System that will ensure that you are powered continuously .


    You will not have to worry about switchovers because the  inverter does everything for you .


    If you’re looking for a system that you can rely on to do the work for you, this is the kit for you.

    Medium Battery (4.8kWh)


    Simply reserve the battery  for use during load shedding  by configuring the settings on the inverter.
    The Dyness 4.8kWh can be Wall-Mounted and Rack-Mounted.

    Hybrid vs Off-Grid, not sure what the difference is? Watch the video

    Equipment Information

    Hybrid 5kWDyness 4.8kWh

    Inverter Features

    Completely Autonomous

    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Autonomous Icon Autonomous Hybrid Solar Inverter  keep the lights on and your bills down with no effort.  


    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Compatibility Icon Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries  on the market.

    Parallel Connection

    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Parallel Icon If your needs grow so can your inverter, you can connect up to  9 Hybrid inverters  to expand.

    BMS Port

    LuxPowerTek Hybrid BMS Icon Connect your Lithium-ion battery directly with this  new BMS Port , no need for middleware to communicate with your battery.


    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Battery Icon Don’t worry about your battery running dry,  the inverter will still use solar or grid .


    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Connectivity Icon Monitor your usage using the WiFi/GPRS and the  Android or IOS App .

    How Hybrid Inverters Work

    Hybrid vs Off-Grid Inverter, understand the difference

    Datasheet & Manual Downloads

    LuxPowerTek 5kW Hybrid Inverter Datasheet

    LuxPowerTek 5kW Hybrid Inverter Manual

    Top Features

    Parallel Connection

    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Icon Perfect for  expanding your battery bank capacity at a later stage .

    Long-life Quality Lithium-ion Battery

    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Long-life Icon With a  5-year warranty  your can expect your battery to last for years to come.

    Built-in Battery Controller

    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Icon This  protects the battery from any surges, over-charging, increase in temperature  and more.


    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Icon

    LiFeP04 batteries are the  safest on the market  and are better for the environment.


    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Wall-Mounted Icon Save space by mounting the battery under the inverter  making a better looking installation .


    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Rack-Mounted Icon

    You can stack the batteries on top of each other using brackets.  Scaling up made simple .

    Datasheet & Manual Downloads

    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Datasheet

    Dyness 4.8kWh Block Manual

    *Product in image might differ slightly.

    Pay Monthly

    60 Months @ 11% APR
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    kW Size


    Storage Size


    System Type

    Hybrid, Off-Grid


    LuxPowerTek, Dyness

    Volt Size


    Best for

    Medium Households, Small Households, UPS Backup

Hybrid Solar Power Kit

Lux Hybrid 5kW – Wall-Mounted Backup – Solar Power Kit

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Lead time for stock is August. Lead time for installation is September.

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