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    An inexpensive option if you’re wanting to  run just a few appliances during the day  and be covered during load shedding.

    This Hybrid Inverter allows for an adequate solar array to  power a small to moderate essential load .

    It also has 2 MPPTs which allows you to have 2 separate arrays. This means that if your roof is either east or west facing, you’ll be able to install your  2 arrays on each side of your roof , enabling you to produce solar power throughout the day.

    You can expand your system by adding up to 9 inverters and you can  monitor your daily usage remotely  with an app.

    LXP hybrid inverters support variable working modes

    Self consumption mode : solar power will be used to take house load first, the left solar power will be used to charge the battery, after battery charged, the solar power can feed into grid.

    Force charge and discharge mode : inverter will charge or discharge battery according to the time users set.

    Charge first mode : solar power will used to charge battery first, then take family load and at last feed into grid. This mode is used in the area where grid power supply is not stable

    Top Features

    Completely Autonomous

    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Autonomous Icon Autonomous Hybrid Solar Inverter  keep the lights on and your bills down with no effort.  


    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Compatibility Icon Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries  on the market.

    Parallel Connection

    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Parallel Icon If your needs grow so can your inverter, you can connect up to  9 Hybrid inverters  to expand.

    BMS Port

    LuxPowerTek Hybrid BMS Icon Connect your Lithium-ion battery directly with this  new BMS Port , no need for middleware to communicate with your battery.


    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Battery Icon Don’t worry about your battery running dry,  the inverter will still use solar or grid .


    LuxPowerTek Hybrid Connectivity Icon Monitor your usage using the WiFi/GPRS and the  Android or IOS App .

    Datasheet & Manual Downloads

    LuxPowerTek 5kW Hybrid Inverter Datasheet

    LuxPowerTek 5kW Hybrid Inverter Manual

    Pay Monthly

    60 Months @ 11% APR
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    Weight 20 kg
    Dimensions 455 × 476 × 181 mm


    kW Size


    System Type


    Volt Size


    Maximum PV Array Power


    Max Parallel Units



    5 Years

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LuxPowerTek 5kW Hybrid Inverter

R21,390.00 inc VAT

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A newly designed solar and energy storage hybrid inverter, capable to install in on-grid solar, off-grid solar and back-up systems. LXP Hybrid enables a programmable and scheduled smart solar energy storage system to help increase your solar energy self-consumption rate, protect your home appliances from grid shortage, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy bill.

Top Features

  • High Voltage
  • 2 MPPTs
  • Up to 9 units in parallel.
  • WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring
  • 5 year warranty
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