PylonTech US3000 3.5kWh Lithium-ion Battery

R21,953.50 inc VAT

The US3000 is a HESS battery system provided by PylonTech, developed with their own lithium iron phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle. A self-designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH.

1 x Cable Pack fits 3 Batteries

7 year warranty. 

This item: PylonTech US3000 3.5kWh Lithium-ion Battery
R21,953.50 inc VAT
R21,953.50 inc VAT
Cable Pack for US2000B / US3000 / Phantom-S Batteries
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2xBrackets - Pylon US3000
R710.96 inc VAT
Pylon US3000 x2 Cabinet With Support Rails
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Pylon US3000 x3 Cabinet With Support Rails
R3,719.65 inc VAT
Pylon US3000 x4 Cabinet With Support Rails
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The PylonTech Battery is one of  South Africa's best-selling Lithium-ion batteries  on the market. This PylonTech 3.5kWh (2.8kWh 80% DOD) US3000 model is being used in many homes and business without skipping a beat, it's reliable, affordable, slim and easy to install.

Note:  Excludes Brackets 

Top Features

Parallel Connection

A fantastic feature for those wanting to  expand their system at a later stage  is the ability to add more batteries to expand your battery capacity.

Long-life Quality Lithium-ion Battery

Vertical industry integration ensures  6000 cycles with 80% DOD.  Developed with their own LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cell to ensure the highest safety and most promising cycle life.

BMS protected

Self-designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperatures, surges and irregular voltages.


Compatible with most of the available Hybrid inverters. Its compact and fashionable design fits in your home environment

Smart Battery Management System

Top Features:

  • Deliver up to 5KW* with single module (2.4KWh) - * please note this value is inverter/charger dependant, typically the maximum achieved value is 1.2kW per battery
  • Modular design gives the end customers the power of choice of capacity
  • Compatible with large number of Hybrid inverters
  • Simple buckle fixing  minimize the installation time and cost 
  • Safety Cert.TÜV CE UN38.3

You can now register the PylonTech US3000 for an  additional 3 years of manufacturer warranty for free . Go to and complete the information in the 'sign up battery' page.

You can optionally add mounting brackets BRACK-US3000 to this product for a stable base, and to allow easy stacking of multiple units.

7 year warranty. 


Of the products that sells, the PylonTech batteries are only compatible with the Solis Hybrid, Voltronic Axpert, GoodWe ES, EM and the Victron Multiplus 48V.

Voltronic Axpert are compatible with Pylontech provided the following guidance is used: Installation Manual Pylontech Voltronic Settings

NOTE: due to limitations in the types of applications, SegenSolar does not recommend Pylontech batteries to be used with Victron inverters in off-grid mode

Most Popular Lithium-ion Battery
  • Return on Investment
  • Affordability
  • Energy Saving
  • Overall Cost
  • Installation (Speed)
  • Installation (Cost)

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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 442 × 420 × 132 mm

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Storage Size



7 years

Nominal Voltage

48 V

Nominal Capacity

3552 Wh

Usable Capacity

3200 Wh

Discharge Voltage

45~53.5 V

Charge Voltage

52.5~53.5 V

Charge / Discharge Current

37 A (Recommended), 74 A (Max), 100 A ([email protected])

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