• Product Description

    This kit includes:

    • 1 x 18 Tube EVT Solar Collector
    • 1 x 200ℓ Heat Tech Geyser
    • 1 x Thermal Controller
    • 1 x Cradle
    • 1 x Air Release Valve
    • 1 x Tempering Valve
    • 2 x 22mm Ball Valve
    • 1 x Non-return Valve
    • 2 x Vacuum Breaker

    Solar Kit Specifications:

    • Suitable for a 200ℓ geyser
    • Suitable for 4/5 people
    • Standard 5 year warranty
    • Life expectancy >15 years

    What does Thermosyphon Mean?

    Thermosyphon solar geysers are the most reliable form of solar geysers as they have no moving parts.

    The process in which water is moved through the solar collector is a natural one called convection and conduction.

    As water is heated in the solar collector, it decreases in density which in turn causes it to rise through the pipes and return to the geyser tank. When the water cools, its density increases, causing it to flow down to the solar collector. This process is repeated whenever the water in the tank cools.

    Thermosyphon Solar Geysers

    Pay Monthly

    60 Months @ 11% APR
  • Product Data

    Additional information

    Weight 131 kg
    Geyser Size

    200 Litres

    Solar Geyser Type

    Evacuated Tube

    Solar Geyser Kit


    Product type

    Solar Geyser

Solar Geyser Kit – 18 Tube – Evacuated – 200ℓ Thermosiphon

R19,657.07 inc VAT

200L 18 tube EVT thermosiphon:

Add Installation

Let us take care of everything, we will make the whole process effortless by installing your Solar Geyser System.

Only available in the Gauteng area at the moment, e-mail us if you need the installation done in another area.

  • Includes all aspects of a basic installation
  • Includes PRIB certificate
  • Workmanship Guarantee
  • Booking Management
  • Covers any Potential Fault Support
  • Covers Shipping Fees or Return Fees for Potential Faulty Equipment


  • Subject to site inspection.
  • Price is for 1 Solar Geyser Installation only.
  • Excludes any pre-existing plumbing issues

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