SolarEdge P505 Optimiser MC4 High Current

SolarEdge P505 Optimiser MC4 High Current

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SolarEdge power optimisers maximise energy from each panel through constant tracking of Maximum Power Point per panel.  Optimal efficiency is achieved by automatically maintaining a fixed string voltage and performance can be monitored via the SolarEdge monitoring portal.  Each power optimser is equipped with the unique SafeDC feature which automatically shuts down module voltage whenever inverter or grid power are shut down.

The P505-MC4 not only allows shorter string design with SolarEdge inverters, to a minimum of 6 modules per string but its ideally suited to larger, higher voltage and higher current modules such as 96 cells (high voltage) or bi-facial (high current). This increased flexibility will allow smaller installations to be optimised for maximum energy output.


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Weight 1.06 kg
Dimensions 128 × 152 × 59 mm


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