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SunScan 15 Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

Solar water heating has been said to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions. These systems have a huge number of great attributes that helps make it one of the most effectual methods of heating water for residents and commercial centres of South Africa.
Solar heating is used in different parts of the world as it is very cost effective and the most renewable source of energy. Because of the rising cost in electricity in South Africa solar energy has become extremely popular.

This is SunScans evacuated tube collector range. All the components have been carefully selected from suppliers from all over the world including the best locally available components in order to make sure we provide our clients with a combination of high quality top performing reliable systems. This tube collector is suitable for 150L geysers (facing off North) and 200L geysers (facing North).


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Solar power is the way of the future, which is why such an extensive list of collectors can be found. The SunScan 15 Evacuated Tube Solar Collector is one of the most modern models available. It’s light, easy to install and is suitable for a 150L geyser conversion. If you’ve been thinking about switching your geyser to a solar power source, this thermal collector will get your water hot.

The tubes are freeze resistant and durable. Plus, the collector is practically maintenance free. Once it’s installed you can just let it do it’s job of collecting ultra violet light. The reason why some people prefer evacuated tubes to traditional PV panels is that they function slightly better in cloudy conditions. You can expect about 20 years of efficiency from the SunScan collector, which is one of the best investments you’ll make.

Technical Specifications

• Standard Dimensions – 2000mm x 1332mm.
• Aperture Area – 1.395 m².
• Number of Tubes – 15.
• Empty Weight – 55.8 kg.
• Power output at 1000W/m² – (tm-ta) = 30 °C 849 W.
• Recommended Flow Rate – 50L – 150 L/ (m2.hr).
• Recommended Tilt Angle – 15° – 75 °.
• Freeze Resistant – Yes, provided appropriate Freeze.
• Transfer Fluid mix ratio (Indirect systems only) – 1 part fluid to 3 parts water for temperatures to -8 °C.
• Frame Colour – Aluminium/Black.
• Sealing Gasket – Silicon Rubber.

• Material of Absorber – Cu/Al/SS/N2 on borosilicate glass.
• Thickness of Absorber – 2mm.
• Surface Treatment – ALN/SS-ALN/Cu.
• Dimensions of Absorber – 58/1800.
• Material of Absorber Pipes – Copper.
• Layout of Absorber Pipes – Heat pipe, dry connection.
• Outer Diameter of Absorber Pipe – 8mm.
• Inner Diameter of Absorber Pipe – 6.8mm.
• Material of Header Pipe – Copper.
• Outer Diameter of Header Pipe – 38mm.
• Inner Diameter of Header Pipe – 34mm.
• Material of Contact Sheets – Aluminium.
• Thickness of Contact Sheets – 0.2mm.
• Operator Pressure – 600kPa.
• Test Pressure – 1500kPa.
• Stagnation temperature – 203 °C.

Thermal Insulation
• Insulation Material of Manifold – Polyurethane, Mineral Wool.
• Insulation Material of Absorber – High Vacuum.
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Weight 55.8 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 1332 × 100 mm

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10 year warranty

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